Parents and Families of International Students

International students feel at home at Fordham and in New York City because both are home to people from all over the world. We provide special programs, events, and resources to more than 3,000 international students and faculty across our campuses each year. It’s a truly global community. And if prospective international students and parents want to learn more about what it’s like to attend Fordham, they can chat with a current student and find out.

Newly Admitted International Students

We are here to support all newly admitted international students through the decision and enrollment process. If your international student will be holding an F1 or J1 visa while studying at Fordham, they must obtain the needed documents in order to apply for that visa. The Office for International Services clearly explains the immigration processes and the requirements to apply for an I-20 or DS-2019 on their Immigration and Visa Information page.



Virtual Tour

If you can’t visit Fordham in person, you and your student can also see campus through our virtual tour, where you can check out a residence hall, head over to the bookstore, or take a stroll through the Plaza at our Lincoln Center campus or Eddies Parade on our Rose Hill campus—all from your computer or phone. This virtual tour is also available in Spanish and Mandarin, so be sure to check out the language options!

Global Transition

As a visa holder, your student will be required to attend Global Transition. This program takes place immediately prior to New Student Orientation, and is exclusively for international students (this includes visa holders as well as any other incoming students coming from overseas).

During Global Transition, your student will have the opportunity to meet other new and returning international students, discover Fordham’s campuses, learn about visa regulations and resources for international students, get advice about culture shock and adjusting to life in the United States and New York City, and participate in fun activities and make meaningful friendships. Many Global Transition Assistants (current Fordham students) tell us that they made their best friends during Global Transition, and they are very happy they participated in this unique program.

Health Insurance

If your student will be holding an F1 or J1 visa while studying at Fordham, they are required to have health insurance coverage in the United States. Fordham offers an excellent student health insurance plan, which meets very high standards and better benefits than most other plans. Your student must enroll in the coverage online.

Fordham’s Office of Health Services also offers great tools to help your student understand the U.S. health care system and use the Fordham health insurance plan. Your student should email [email protected] for more information.

International Services

The Office for International Services is happy to help your F1- or J1-status student with all their immigration-related questions and needs. Their website includes numerous resources, including explanations of regulations, travel advice, information about work authorizations, suggestions on what to pack, immigration updates, and more.