Student Experience

The Fordham Graduate School of Education’s online programs are comprehensive learning experiences that seamlessly deliver the campus and classroom online, providing skills that translate to success in the field. In addition to live, engaging classes, Fordham’s online programs offer opportunities to interact with classmates and professors to create lasting relationships and create invaluable career connections. Fordham GSE online programs were designed exclusively for online students and are supported using sophisticated learning technology that enhances the student experience. This results in a dynamic, engaging structure that cultivates compassionate education professionals dedicated to student success in changing education spaces.

Face-to-Face Online Classes

Fordham online students meet weekly in live classes for real-time discussions about assignments and industry-specific scenarios. Students learn from distinguished Fordham faculty in size-limited online classrooms that facilitate group break-out sessions and instant feedback.

Mobile App

The Fordham GSE online experience provides the potential to learn wherever you are. Students can do coursework, attend class, access their student dashboard, or work offline—all from their devices.

Engaging Course Content

Our student-focused platform allows online students to be immersed in their academic community, opening the door to collaboration with peers and professors. Fordham’s education experts lead live, interactive classes featuring intriguing coursework, video lectures, case studies, and assignments, all of which is self-paced, downloadable, and may be accessed from anywhere, anytime with an internet connection.

In-Person Experiences

Students have the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge gained in their online courses during in-person experiences in your community or on the Fordham campus. M.S.T. students are placed in a student-teaching experience in a local school, and Ed.D. students attend two on-campus immersions during which they collaborate, problem-solve, and network with peers.

Meaningful Relationships

There are a variety of ways in which students can connect with the diverse and ambitious network of professionals and Fordham faculty. Our digital campus allows you to meet inside and outside of class, form study and social groups, and attend office hours outside of live classes. Online students are an integral part of our university while also maintaining connections exclusive to their online experience.

Student Support

Not only are you an online student, you also are a Fordham student and a valued member of our community. We go to great lengths to ensure you have access to the support you need to find success, from the moment you inquire about the program to the moment you graduate—and beyond. Our teams do whatever they can to provide support and assistance, and advisers and faculty members provide personalized guidance to ensure your success as a student and professional. All students are welcome at Fordham—both on our campuses and in our online spaces—and we go to great lengths to ensure each environment is safe, inclusive, and supportive. Should you need assistance with a complaint, review the student grievance procedures.

Our online graduate programs offer a valuable, tech-forward student experience. Each of these benefits are underscored by Fordham’s strong foundation of Jesuit principles as well as our commitment to a high standard of scholarship that prepares educators to address the intellectual and socioemotional development of all learners.

We invite you to join us.