Online Master of Science in Teaching (M.S.T.) Tuition and Financial Aid


Students enrolled in the online Master of Science in Teaching (M.S.T.) program are charged tuition on a per unit basis. The current rate of tuition for 2024–2025 is $1,736 per unit, plus additional university fees. Please keep in mind that tuition rates are re-evaluated each year. 

Scholarship Opportunity
Students who are admitted into the Fall 2024 online cohort will receive a 20% scholarship for the duration of the degree program, reflected in the estimated costs below.

Program Tracks Number of Units Estimated Cost
M.S.T. in Childhood Education 36 $49,843
M.S.T. in Childhood Special Education 45 $62,496
M.S.T. in Early Childhood Special Education 45 $62,496
M.S.T. in Early Childhood and Childhood Education 45 $62,496

Keep in mind that this is only an estimate, as tuition rates and fees may change. Students will also be responsible for fees and travel expenses related to completing the workshops required for graduation.

Additional university fees include technology, portfolio, field work, and other related fees. Students can expect to pay a one-time assessment fee of $170. Students can also expect to pay approximately $2,000 per year assuming they undertake the seven (7) term course of study. Some fees are associated with student course load and may increase or decrease based upon individual course of study.

Health Insurance

Fordham University requires that all students carry health insurance, either through the university or an alternative provider. You will be automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) unless you demonstrate that you have other coverage and request to waive coverage under the SHIP program. Detailed information on this requirement, including costs, may be found online here.

Financial Aid

When evaluating how to pay for your master’s degree, consider a number of resources available to you, including federal financial aid programs, external scholarships, and student loan programs.

Learn more about available student loans:

Applying for Federal Student Aid

In order to apply for federal student aid, including student loans, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Fordham University’s school code is 002722. Remember that you should complete the FAFSA each academic year in order to become eligible for federal student aid.