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Theology Graduate Courses

Fall 2020

THEO-6000-R01    History, Theory, Religion    
Dunning, Benjamin

This course provides a thorough introduction to recent developments in historiography and critical theory as they bear upon the discipline of religious studies and the critical study of theology.

THEO-6195-R01 -    Inventing Christianity       
Welborn, Larry L

A seminar on the literature produced by Christ believers during the second and third centuries CE—the so-called “Apostolic Fathers,” defenses of Christian faith and life, and accounts of the deaths of martyrs. The course seeks to comprehend the diverse ways in which Christian identity was shaped and to reconstruct the social experience of the early Christians..

THEO-6620-R01 - God in Contemp Theology              
Hill Fletcher, Jeannine

Contemporary rethinking of the doctrine of God in the context of modern atheism, secularism, and the encounter of world religions, seen in the light of the history of theology. Doctrine of the Trinity. Human knowledge of God. God and the world.

THEO-6642-R01 -    Political Theology      
Papanikolaou, Aristotle

This course will discuss and critically analyze contemporary theologies of the political, with attention being given to the recent debate over political liberalism. Texts from a variety of theologians and theological perspectives will be examined, as well as recent attempts at political theology by non-theologians.

THEO-6676-R01 -    Sexual Ethics  
Massingale, Bryan

An in-depth examination and critical appraisal of current discussions in Christian theological reflection relating to human sexuality. Specific attention will be given to emerging paradigms for the ethical evaluation of sexual behaviors, identities, and relationships being advanced in light of developments in social mores and ecclesial consciousness.

THEO-6740-R01 -    Catholic Social Thought               
Hinze, Christine

Catholic social thought as found in the social encyclicals, emphasizing their theological contexts, social scientific constructs, historical backgroundm and philosophical presuppositions.

Previous Courses

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THEO 5070 - Elementary Coptic I
THEO 5075 - Syriac Language and Literature I
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THEO 5300 - History of Christianity I
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THEO 5405 - Teaching Buddhism
THEO 5500 - Religion and American Public Life
THEO 5600 - Introduction to Systematic Theology
THEO 5620 - M.A. Introduction to Systematic Theology
THEO 5890 - Introduction to the New Testament
THEO 5892 - Hellenistic Greek Texts
THEO 6000 - History, Theory, and the Study of Religion
THEO 6011 - Genesis in Judaism and Christianity
THEO 6026 - Second Temple Judaism
THEO 6031 - The Psalm
THEO 6042 - History of Jerusalem
THEO 6192 - Greco-Roman Context of Early Christianity
THEO 6194 - History, Theory, and Christianity
THEO 6196 - Early Christian Ritual
THEO 6198 - The Self in Early Christianity
THEO 6210 - Pauline Theology
THEO 6213 - Justice and Empire In St. Paul and Rome
THEO 6214 - Old Testament Theology
THEO 6215 - First and Second Corinthians
THEO 6216 - The Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament
THEO 6300 - The Apostolic Fathers
THEO 6311 - The Early Papacy
THEO 6365 - Cappadocian Fathers
THEO 6370 - St. Maximus the Confessor
THEO 6400 - Theological Anthropology and Human Diversity
THEO 6426 - St. Augustine of Hippo
THEO 6458 - Medieval Exegesis
THEO 6444 - Medieval Modernists
THEO 6462 - Dissenters and Heretics
THEO 6464 - The Reformation
THEO 6465 - Asceticism and Monasticism
THEO 6466 - Hagiography
THEO 6480 - Christianizing the Barbarians
THEO 6490 - Christianity and Violence
THEO 6505 - Colonialism, Empire, Theology
THEO 6509 - Theology and Religious Pluralism
THEO 6530 - Modern Catholicism and Difference: Negotiating with Cultural and Religious Others from the First Jesuits to the Present
THEO 6634 - Black Theologies, Decolonial
THEO 6541 - Modern Protestant Theology
THEO 6542 - Modern European Catholicism
THEO 6556 - Texts in American Theology
THEO 6600 - Modern Orthodox Theology
THEO 6612 - New Methods in Constructive Theology
THEO 6616 - Contemporary Theology of the Trinity
THEO 6620 - God in Contemporary Theology
THEO 6621 - God in Comparative Theology
THEO 6630 - Church and Contemporary Theology
THEO 6631 - Missiology
THEO 6657 - The Eucharist and the World Today
THEO 6659 - Latinx Theology
THEO 6671 - Contemporary Christology
THEO 6672 - Feminist Theology
THEO 6674 - Ecological Theology
THEO 6676 - Sexual Ethics
THEO 6710 - Issues in Fundamental Moral Theology
THEO 6721 - African American Theological Ethics
THEO 6732 - Ethics and Economics
THEO 6733 - Theology and Science
THEO 6734 - The Beauty of Justice
THEO 6737 - God and the Mystery of Suffering
THEO 6745 - Sociology of Religion
THEO 7222 - New Perspectives on Paul
THEO 7632 - Theology and Aesthetics
THEO 7730 - Liberation Theology
THEO 7731 - Religion and Revolution
THEO 7736 - Bioethics
THEO 7801 - Hermeneutics and Theology