Student Fellowships

Scholarship Winners Take On the World

For some students, the school year’s close is the starting bell for the next season of academic and service work at home and abroad. As of May 10, Fordham students earned 58 national and international awards.

All of our student competitors receive generous support and expert guidance in their applications from our Office of Prestigious Fellowships.

Antonio Joseph DelGrande

Antonio Joseph DelGrande’s passion for language landed him one of Fordham’s five Critical Language Scholarships. The award offers intensive summer language instruction in 13 foreign languages deemed critical for building relationships between the United States and the international community. DelGrande, who is graduating from the Gabelli School of Business‘s global business honors program, was originally destined for Bursa, Turkey to study Turkish, but his assignment has been relocated to Baku, Azerbaijan. Learn more.

Olivia Gonzalez

School of Law graduate Olivia Gonzalez, who was also a 2014 White House fellow, will travel to Oxford University. Gonzalez won a Fulbright fellowship for graduate study in the United Kingdom, where she will work toward a master’s in social science with a specialty in cybersecurity law and policy. Learn more.

Peter Terrafranca

Boren scholarship winner Peter Terrafranca sets out in June to Amman, Jordan for a summer of intensive Arabic language study followed by a year researching the refugee crisis in the Middle East. Terrafranca is a School of Professional and Continuing Studies student who is majoring in international studies and minoring in Arabic. Learn more.

Other Prestigious Scholarships Won This Year

As of May 9, other prestigious scholarships won this year include:

Fullbright Scholarships

  • Erik Angamarca, FCRH ’14, to Taiwan
  • Mostafa Elmadboly, FCRH ’16, to Turkey
  • Kathleen (Ellie) Frazier,GSAS student, to Sierra Leone
  • Olivia Gonzalez, LAW ’16, to United Kingdom
  • James Lassen, FCRH ’16, to Taiwan
  • Pilar Mendez-Cruz, FCRH ’16, to Germany
  • David Rowley, FCRH ’13, to Turkey
  • Suzy Sikorski, FCRH ’16, to the United Arab Emirates;
  • LeAnn Tadros, GSE student, to Jordan.

Clare Boothe Luce Scholarships

  • Carolyn Allain, FCRH junior
  • Chelsea Butcher, GSAS student
  • Sammi Chung, FCLC sophomore
  • Nicole Fusco, GSAS student
  • Carol Henger, GSAS student
  • Anna Jane Hudson, FCRH sophomore
  • Juliet Mengaziol, FCLC sophomore
  • Abby O’Neill, FCRH sophomore
  • Sarah Seepaulsingh, GSAS student
  • Marissa Vaccarelli, FCRH sophomore

Critical Language Scholarships

  • Antonio Joseph DelGrande, GABELLI ’16 (Turkish)
  • Nicholas Guthammar, FCRH sophomore (Arabic)
  • Rich Himed, FCRH junior (Arabic)
  • Miranda Morton, FCRH ’15 (Urdu)
  • Suzy Sikorski, FCRH ’16 (Arabic)

Gates Millennium Scholarships

  • Kevin Berlanga, FCLC freshman
  • Dylan Hollingsworth, FCRH junior
  • Gabriel Hyman, FCLC ’16
  • Amarachi Korle, FCLC sophomore
  • Yota Oue, FCRH junior
  • Anisha Pednekar, GABELLI freshman

FBI Honors Internships

  • Carolyn Allain, FCRH junior
  • John Oddo, FCRH junior
  • Cailee Tallon, FCRH sophomore
  • Luke Zaro, FCRH ’16.