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Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan

What You Should Know Before Borrowing

We suggest borrowing your Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan eligibility first before requesting a Graduate PLUS Loan. The Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan has lower interest rate and also carries a lower origination fee.

Read though the Financial Aid Guide for Graduate & Professional Students to ensure you have the information you need before requesting your loan. Request your Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan.

Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan

Interest Rate Fixed for the duration of the loan at 7.08%
Fee There is a 4.248% fee deducted from each loan disbursement
Eligibility A valid FAFSA declaring you eligible for Title IV Aid must be submitted.  You must be enrolled at least ½ time or certified as at least ½ time in a degree or eligible certificate program.
Credit Criteria You must not be considered to have an adverse credit history based on the Department of Education’s guidelines.  A credit check on is part of the Graduate PLUS Application process.
Loan Limits You may borrow up to your full cost of attendance minus any other financial aid you receive. We encourage you to limit borrowing to only what is necessary to cover educational expenses.
Repayment Begins 60 days after the final disbursement of the loan. You are eligible for an in-school deferment as long as you are enrolled at least half-time. ;All students are assigned a standard 10 year repayment plan but you can change repayment plans at any time. We encourage you to explore all of your options.

Graduate PLUS Loan Fee Calculator

A 4.248% origination fee is deducted from each Graduate PLUS Loan disbursement. This means the money you receive will be less than the amount you actually borrow. For example, if you need $1,000 to disburse, you will need to borrow $1,042.

Note: This calculator does not work in Internet Explorer.

Enter the Net Amount you wish to receive below and the calculator will display the appropriate gross loan amount.

Net Loan Amount to Disburse:
Gross Loan Amount to Borrow: $

Request your Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan