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CPC Programs

Calendar of Events

Throughout the year, the CPC hosts more than 50 Career Development Programs for students and alumni, which include small group counseling sessions, Roundtable Lunches, workshops, programs and panels. These Career Development Programs fall into one of three categories: (i) Skills and Job Search; (ii) Career Exploration; and (iii) Professional Development. The CPC offers workshops on Resume and Cover Letter Drafting, Job Search Strategies, and Interviewing Skills. In addition, the CPC hosts panels and programs for all students on conducting job searches, succeeding in summer and permanent employment and specialty programs in areas of interest. The CPC also offers programming for recent and experienced graduates.

JD 2LE students (Class of 2021), 2LD/3LE students (Class of 2020), and 3LD/4LE students (Class of 2019): For further information regarding programs being held, and to register to attend a program, go to Symplicity; select the Events section via the top navigation bar, then click the "CPC Programs" tab to register. If you missed a CPC program you are encouraged to visit the CPC Past Programs link to listen to the streaming audio or watch the streaming audio (if available).

JD 1LD students (Class of 2021) and 1LE students (Class of 2022): The first week of classes in the fall semester you will receive access to the CPC's Calendar of Events within Symplicity so that you may proactively register for programs in the CPC's 1L Career Development Curriculum. You may view the CPC/PIRC 1L Career Development Curriculum [PDF] here.

*Pursuant to the NALP Guidelines 1L students will not gain access to CPC Services, nor Symplicity, until October 15.*

1L/2E Small Group Summer Legal Job Strategy Sessions: Register in Symplicity