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Troubleshooting Common Login Problems

Every year, the CPC fields questions from students who are having trouble logging in to the password-protected resources on the CPC website, or logging in to Symplicity. This document is intended to help you solve and (hopefully) avoid such problems.

The issues addressed below are:

1. Are you using the right username/password combination?

You should access Symplicity via links provided on this website, which will in turn lead you to LawNET (the law school's intranet). You will have to log into LawNET via this login screen:

Fls lawnet login screen

When logging in on this page, you will use your AccessIT ID and Password -- the same credentials you use to access the University portal,

Once logged into LawNET, follow the Symplicity links provided; those links will take you directly to the home page of your Symplicity account because you will have Single Sign-On access to your Symplicity account without separately logging in to Symplicity.

If, for some reason, Single Sign-On access does not work for your account, you will be presented with Symplicity's own login screen. The Symplicity login page for Students looks like this:

FLS symplicity login screenWhen logging in using this login page, you will have to use your separate Symplicity Username and Symplicity Password, which are distinct from your AccessIT ID and Password.

When you are trying to log in on this Symplicity login page:

    1. Your Symplicity username is your entire FLS email address (e.g., if your FLS email address is, your Symplicity username is –not “jdoe” and not your FIDN and not "" (your Symplicity username uses the "" domain, not "
    2. In November of your first year, you received an email containing a link to create your Symplicity password. If you have forgotten your Symplicity password since then, you can reset it (see #3 below).

2. Are you on the correct Symplicity login page?

There is a separate Symplicity login page for Employers; it looks like this:

FLS symplicity login employers

Note that this page has several significant differences from the Student login page. In particular, the Employer login page offers Employers the opportunity to register and to post jobs. Because this page is for Employers only, you cannot log in on this page. This page only recognizes the usernames and passwords of Employers who have accounts on Fordham’s Symplicity system, and therefore will not recognize your Symplicity username and password. Moreover, if you try to use the “Forgot Password” link on this Employer page, that will fail as well, because you are not an Employer and do not have an Employer account. (See #3 and #4 below for more on forgotten passwords.)

3. Have you forgotten your password?

Both the LawNET login page and the Symplicity login page have “Forgot Password” functionality in the event you have forgotten your password.

On the LawNET login page, the “Forgot your Password” link is on the "Settings" tab:

FLS LawNET forgot password

If you click that link, you will be taken to this page to begin the process of recovering your password:

FLS myfordham forgot password

On the Symplicity login page, the “Forgot Password” link is below the password field:

FLS symplicity password link

If you click that link, you will be taken to this page:

FLS symplicity password verify

Enter your username in the field provided and Symplicity will generate a new password and email it to you. Remember that the username you must enter in this field is your entire FLS email address – not just the first part (the part before the “@”) and not your FIDN, and not "" Remember also that Symplicity uses your FLS email address for all purposes, so it will email the new password to your FLS email address.

4. Does the “Forgot Password” page fail to recognize your username?

If you try to regenerate your password and Symplicity does not recognize your username, you’ll see this page:

FLS symplicity password unverify

This will happen if you have input the wrong username into the provided field. For example, if you input your FIDN, Symplicity will not recognize that as a username. Similarly, if you input only the first part of your FLS email address (the part before the “@”) rather than the entire FLS email address, Symplicity will not recognize that either. Finally, if you input your University email address (with the domain "" instead of ""), Symplicity will not recognize that.

You will also get a “no matching username found” error message if you try to recover your password using the “Forgot Password” link on the Employer page. As noted in #1 above, there are separate login pages for Students and Employers, and the database used by Symplicity to keep track of Student usernames and passwords is entirely separate from the database it uses to keep track of Employer usernames and passwords. Therefore, if you try to use the “Forgot Password” link on the Employer page, the attempt will fail even if you accurately input your username because your username is not found in the database of Employer usernames.

5. Are you still unable to log in after reviewing steps 1 through 4?

If you have tried all the troubleshooting steps set forth above and are still unable to log in, help is available. The source of the help depends on which login page is giving you trouble:


If you are having trouble logging in to LawNET (Figure 1 above), you must seek assistance from the Law School Help Desk. When you contact the Help Desk, make sure you tell them that you are having trouble logging in to LawNET and not Symplicity. (It’s important that you state explicitly that your problems are not with Symplicity.)


If you are having trouble logging in to Symplicity, contact the CPC. You may call the CPC main office at 212-636-6926 or email If you choose to email, please provide as much detail as possible about exactly what kind of problems you are experiencing.

6. Are you unable to log into LawNET or does it give a "site not shared with you" message?

If you cannot log into LawNET at all, or are able to log into LawNET, but then once you are in LawNET and try to access either the "Careers" or the "JD Current Students" sections, you get an error message saying that the site (or page) has "not been shared with you," that is a LawNET problem that will have to be resolved by the IT department. If this problem is preventing you from logging into Symplicity, you can use this alternative method of accessing Symplicity:

  1. Go to this URL:
  2. Log in using the following credentials:
    1. Your Username is your entire FLS email address (including the "" part).
    2. Your Password is the password you set in October of your first year when you were initially given access to Symplicity.  (If you never set that password, or if you have forgotten it, you can use the "Forgot Password" link on the above-linked URL, which will send a password-reset email to your FLS email account. [NOTE: The username and password you use on this login page are NOT your AccessIT ID and associated password, and will work only on the above-linked URL.]