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Summer Funding

The summer is an excellent time to immerse yourself in full-time public service work, apply and further develop your skills, gain experience and make a real difference. There are a number of sources of funding for your summer interest work.

School Sponsored





The summer provides an opportunity for Fordham Law students to engage in rewarding and meaningful full-time public service work.  In addition to the many outside public service summer fellowships for which Fordham Law students may apply, there are fellowships administered by or through Fordham Law School in furtherance of its mission to educate attorneys to work “in the service of others.”  Several of the fellowships provide awards to more than one student.  These fellowships are described below.


The general application deadline for Summer 2019 was March 11, 2019

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                                    Summer Fellowships Descriptions


Ann Moynihan Fellowship at The Legal Aid Society, Civil or Criminal Defense Practice ($5,000 for 1Ls, $6,000 for others) commemorates the life and work of Ann Moynihan, a life-long advocate for the poor, trial and appellate attorney in both the Civil and Criminal Defense Practices of The Legal Aid Society, Associate Clinical Professor and Associate Dean for Administration at Fordham Law School, and co-founder of Fordham’s Interdisciplinary Center for Family & Child Advocacy.  The Fellow will assist lawyers in their representation of low-income people in either civil areas such as government benefits and housing or in criminal defense. 


The Domestic Violence Action Center (DVAC) Summer Fellowship ($4,000 for 1Ls, $5,000 for others) is awarded to Fordham Law students who secure summer placements for at least ten weeks in organizations or agencies dedicated to protecting the rights of survivors of domestic violence.  Students are selected based on demonstrated interest in domestic violence advocacy and representation. 


The Edward G.H. and Sylvia Fung Chin Fellowship ($5000) was established by Sylvia Fung Chin (FLS ’77) in memory of her husband Edward G.H. Chin. The fellowship is awarded to a student who devotes his or her summer to full time civil public service work.  Qualifying placements include unpaid work at nonprofit organizations and government agencies but not judicial chambers.  Applicants must secure a placement before submitting the fellowship application.



The Fordham Student Sponsored Fellowship (Up to $4,000 for 1Ls, up to $5,000 for others)  FSSF is the largest source of funding for Fordham Law students doing unpaid public interest work in the summer.  To volunteer for FSSF, students must help in fundraising for its Annual Auction which will be held on a date TBA.  To be eligible for summer funding, students obtain their own unpaid public service internships with non-profit organizations and government agencies (judicial internships and work with private law firms are not eligible).  Typically, around 20 fellowships are awarded yearly.  In the past several years, almost every student who secured a public service internship, was actively involved with FSSF, and applied for funding has received a fellowship stipend.  For more information, visit FSSF’s website at, or contact FSSF at  FSSF's office is within the PIRC Student Group Suite in LL Room 101 in the Law School.  A Fellowship Application is required and will be provided via email to FSSF members following the Auction. 


 John M. Cannella Fellowship The John M. Cannella Fellowship ($5,000) commemorates the life of Judge Cannella, who devoted his career to public service, including 31 years of service on the bench of the United State District Court for the Southern District of New York. The fellowship is awarded to a student who devotes his or her summer to full time civil public service work.  Placements may include government agencies and non-profit organizations but not judicial chambers. Applicants must secure a placement before submitting the fellowship application.


Justice John Paul Stevens Fellowship Foundation provides two Fellows with $5,000 each in funding for legal work with either a non-profit or a governmental agency within the United States or internationally. Stevens Fellowships shall not be awarded to judicial externs, and the fellowship may not be combined with any other source of funding (including Fordham Law School, payment from an employer, or payment from any other funder or organization). Applicants are expected to secure a placement before submitting the fellowship application. 


The Honorable Kevin J. Quaranta Fellowship ($5,000 for rising 2Ls and rising 3Ls) commemorates the life of Justice Quaranta who distinguished himself in public service through the Army Judge Advocate General Corps, the Bronx District Attorney’s Office, and as a town justice.  Judge Quaranta was a strong supporter of social justice, which he learned from his mother, Dr. Mary Ann Quaranta, who was dean of the Fordham Graduate School of Social Service and was a founding board member of the Law School’s Feerick Center for Social Justice.  The fellowship will be awarded to a student who plans to devote his or her summer to full time civil public service work with a nonprofit organization.  Funded by the family of Justice Quaranta in honor of his life and work, the Fellow will work on a substantive project focused on a social justice issue within the scope of the Feerick Center.  Potential areas include access to justice, economic justice, domestic violence, and unaccompanied immigrant children and immigrant families.  Applicants are expected to have secured a placement before submitting the fellowship application. 


Kirpalani Summer Fellowship ($4,500 for 1Ls, $5,000 for others) Susheel Kirpalani '94 is a generous donor to Fordham Law School and recognizes the great importance of public interest work. Mr. Kirpalani cares deeply about using his financial means to support public interest work, particularly for students engaged in public interest summer internships. Kirpalani Fellows will be required to send a thank you note to Mr. Kirpalani (prior to receipt of the funding) and attend an organized breakfast/lunch to meet Mr. Kirpalani. Qualifying summer work includes unpaid work at a non-profit organization or government agency.



Kirpalani Summer Fellowship in Housing Law ($4,500 for 1Ls, $5,000 for others) Susheel Kirpalani '94 is a generous donor to Fordham Law School and recognizes the great importance of public interest work. Mr. Kirpalani cares deeply about using his financial means to support public interest work, particularly for students engaged in public interest summer internships. Kirpalani Fellows will be required to send a thank you note to Mr. Kirpalani (prior to receipt of the funding) and attend an organized breakfast/lunch to meet Mr. Kirpalani. Qualifying summer work includes unpaid work on housing law issues at a non-profit organization or government agency. The work must be centered on housing law. Housing law is an exciting, timely, and critically important area of law—this fellowship provides funding specifically for students to intern at an organization doing this work.


Leitner Summer Fellows Program provides students with up to $5,000 in funding to participate in an international human rights-related internship during the summer.  Fellows work full-time for at least ten weeks at a non-governmental organization, U.N. agency, or other organization working on international human rights issues. The application deadline is April 12, 2019. For information and application, please see


Michael Saperstein Fellowship at the NYC Bar Association ($5,000 for 1Ls, $6,000 for others), funded through an endowment established by Michael Saperstein (FLS ’65), and provides summer funding for one Fellow to coordinate the placement of several dozen high school students to work in a legal setting for the summer.  The Saperstein Fellow works at the New York City Bar Association and is supervised by the chair of the Thurgood Marshall Summer Internship Program Committee, which selects the fellow.  For more information, contact Assistant Dean Tom Schoenherr in PIRC at


Milton Pollack Fellowship at US District Court, Southern District of  NY ($4000) The recipient of this full-time summer fellowship will work in the chambers of the Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Applications for internship should be sent directly to the court: "". Applications should be submitted as a single PDF document and include: resume, cover letter, writing sample and transcripts (unofficial is acceptable). The subject line of the email should read "2019 Milton Pollack Fellowship ‐ NAME". Upon acceptance of an offer from the Chief Judge, submit the General Application to PIRC. The fellow will receive a $4,000 stipend from Fordham Law School. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


The NALSC/Sirras Family Summer Fellowship ($4500) was made possible through the generosity of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants (NALSC), NALSC established the NALSC/Sirras Family Fellowship in 2018 in honor of the contributions to the organization by long-time Board member and Past President Marina Sirras and her husband, Jim. As Principal of Marina Sirras & Associates LLC, Ms. Sirras has dedicated her career to helping lawyers and firms secure the best talent, serving as a leader and trusted advisor in the legal recruitment community for more than 32 years. The fellow will be asked to write a thank you note to the donor and make themselves available for a meeting.



The Richard A. Hill, LAW ’83, Public Interest Summer Fellowship ($5000) was made possible through the generosity of Anne Hill who established the award in memory of her husband. Richard A. Hill, LAW ’83 devoted his career to public service work, serving as counsel for both the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the Social Security Administration, and was recognized for his service as the 2012 recipient of the Louis J. Lefkowitz Public Service Award. Hill fellows will be required to send a thank you note to Ms. Hill (prior to receipt of the funding) and make time to meet members of the Hill family at an organized breakfast or lunch.


Robert J. Reilly Summer Fellowship ($5,000) This fellowship is in honor of former Assistant Dean Robert J. Reilly, who gave over 36 years of service to the Fordham Law School and Fordham University community—in a variety of roles—and who has dedicated himself intensively to philanthropic efforts. Until his retirement from the Law School in June 2018, Dean Reilly was an integral part of the Feerick Center for Social Justice, where he was involved in access-to-justice efforts, interfaced with the alumni community, and helped lead special initiatives. The Robert J. Reilly Fellow will work fulltime at a legal services organization that provides civil legal services to low-income individuals, ideally in an area of law in which the Feerick Center for Social Justice does work, which includes access to justice, consumer protection, domestic violence, educational equity, immigration, and veterans’ issues. The recipient will be chosen on the basis of the recipient’s academic performance, demonstrated qualities of leadership, and commitment to public interest work.


The Santangelo Voting Rights Public Interest Fellowship ($5000) To be awarded to a student spending their summer working on a project involving research on or litigation involving voter suppression rights and in particular on the suppression of voting rights of African-Americans and Latinos. Work must be conducted through an internship with an approved not for profit entity (such as The Brennan Center or The Feerick Center) or as otherwise approved by Fordham Law. The recipient should prepare a summary of the final project or if research or motion papers are written in conjunction with litigation, provide a copy of the relevant documents to the law school and the donor.

Venable Foundation Fellowship for 1st Year Students ($10,000) was created by the partners of the law firm of Venable LLP and provides a stipend to a Fordham Law School 1L student intending to serve in a legal capacity during the summer after first year at a non-profit or federal, state, or local government agency  located in one of the cities where Venable LLP maintains an office (Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD; Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; Wilmington, DE; New York City; Rockville, MD, Towson, MD; and Tysons Corner, VA). This fellowship is designed to further the Venable Foundation’s various goals, including providing support to the needy and underprivileged in our communities, bettering the lives of diverse groups and individuals in society, promoting the legal profession, and fostering the arts and culture. The recipient will be chosen by a selection committee at Venable LLP, in cooperation with PIRC, on the basis of the recipient’s academic performance, demonstrated qualities of leadership and commitment to the use of the law to further the public good.  The recipient of the Venable Foundation Fellowship will be invited to visit the Venable office during the summer, and at the end of the summer will be expected to submit a short essay about his or her experience with the Fellowship.  

Firm Sponsored

The Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC) coordinates the application process of summer public service fellowships funded and administered by law firms and their related foundations. The application process and deadlines for these fellowships will be announced and described in the fall through email to your Fordham Law email account, on the PIRC website, and posted by the CPC on Symplicity. These fellowships include:

  • Venable Foundation Summer Fellowship: Initiated by the law firm Venable LLP, it provides a Fordham Law School 1L or 1LE with a $5,000 scholarship to participate in summer public service work.

View application form.

Government Honors Programs

Some government agencies –at each level of government (federal, state, municipal)-- have developed funded summer internship programs. An excellent source of information about the programs is the Government Honors and Internship Handbook, Contact the CPC ( or PIRC ( to obtain current user name and password

The Appendix to the Government Handbook and Internship Handbook will list the deadlines by agency and by class year. and the CPC’s Symplicity site may have additional listings for paid positions within government agencies or departments.

Hourly Wage/Salary

Some public service employers are able to pay law students for their work, generally at an hourly rate. Check Symplicity, maintained by the Career Planning Center, and regularly for updated job listings.

Some private, public interest law firms hire summer associates. The Private Public Interest and Plaintiff’s Firm Guide (made available through the courtesy of the Center for Public Interest Law at Columbia Law School and the Bernard Koteen Office of Public Interest Advising at Harvard Law School) includes a directory of such firms.

Independent Funding

Independent Funding:

Excellent resources to identify summer fellowships are available on

We highlight several of the largest:

  • Charles H. Revson Law Students Public Interest Fellowship Program (LSPIN): Provides over 75 stipends of $4,500 to first- and second-year law students attending school in New York and New Jersey who have secured ten-week summer placements with public interest organizations in the New York metropolitan area. LSPIN grant applications are typically due in mid November, and are submitted to PIRC electronically. You may apply for LSPIN before securing your public interest placement. Application deadline: typically in November.
  • Equal Justice Works Summer Corps: Provides an educational award of $1,000 to be applied to your law school tuition and may be combined with other fellowship stipends. Only limited awards are available to fund work with nonprofit public interest organizations. The deadline is the early spring and will be available online at
  • Haywood Burns Memorial Fellowships for Social and Economic Justice is a project of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) as part of its tradition of providing legal, political and educational support to the important progressive movements of the day and to strengthen the student’s long-term commitment to promote justice and equity. The $2,000 Fellowship helps support 10 weeks of full-time work (which can be supplemented by other funds secured by you) with any existing organization whose mission addresses the needs of underserved individuals and groups. The Fellowship encourages applicants to identify grassroots and non-traditional work opportunities for which there is a serious current societal need. Summer 2011 deadline is January 7th.
  • New Jersey Summer Public Interest Legal Intern Summer Fellowship Program: Available for internships with New Jersey public interest legal organizations to promote awareness of and commitment to careers in public interest law. 2006 Interns were paid at a rate of $500 per week for rising 2nd year students and $750 per week for rising 3rd year students. Placements are typically for a 10 week period, but frequently can be extended. All applications are considered in the order in which they are received after November 15th and hiring decisions are made on a rolling basis. Interested students are therefore strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible.
  • The Peggy Browning Fund Summer Fellowship Program: The mission of the Fund is to educate law students about the rights and needs of workers. Typically, more than 50 funded ten-week Summer Fellowships were offered in a variety of unions and other legal organizations. The stipend for the ten-week fellowship is $4,500 (which may be supplemented by the organization you are placed with) unless otherwise indicated by the Mentor Organizations who may supplement the stipend. Information and instructions on how to apply are available at and click on Summer Application Form. The deadline is typically in early January.

Academic credit may be available for public service internships through the JD Externship Program.