Career Support and Funding

You came to law school because you are committed to public service.

You want to be a public interest lawyer. You want to fight against injustice. You want to help give a voice to and empower disenfranchised and marginalized communities and advocate and litigate on their behalf. You want to right wrongs. You want to defend, protect and expand civil and human rights. You want to provide direct services to poor people.

You want to work in the public sector. You believe government lawyers should have the people’s trust. You want to be a public servant. You have a call to make government work.

You want to do a lot of pro bono work at a law firm. You want to balance your work for the firm with public service. You believe that all lawyers should devote some of their resources to the public good.

You are mid-career, practicing at a law firm and are interested in making a transition to public service employment.

You are engaged in public service work with a non-profit organization of government agency and want to explore other job opportunities within the public service sector.