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Current Research

Below are some of the projects on which I am currently working. Students who are looking for research topics should feel free to contact me if any of these projects sound interesting, because I could probably suggest a related paper topic.

  • Antitrust and Information (book project)

    Information goods are becoming an increasingly important part of the economy. Yet antitrust law, our most important market regulator, does not have an analytical approach to information goods that recognizes their differences from tangible goods and services. The goal of this project is to develop such an approach.

  • Product Design and Antitrust

    A number of antitrust rules turn on relationships between markets. Those relationships, in turn, often depend on product design decisions, and antitrust is often reluctant to question such decisions. It would be useful if antitrust had a means to determine which design decisions should be left to the firms making those decisions and which should be subject to legal second-guessing.

  • The Impact of E-Discovery on Antitrust

    E-discovery is revolutionizing antitrust and other litigation.  But it might also have an impact on substantive rules in antitrust.