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Mood and Behaviors Research

Ongoing Research Projects

Pain Perception and Self-Injury
We are examining pain perception among non-clinical samples without and without histories of NSSI and attempted suicide, in a laboratory-based study. We are especially interested in examining variables that may contribute to pain perception in self-injury, such as habituation and distress tolerance.

Cognitive Regulation
Research has implicated deficits in emotion regulation as critical to the development and maintenance of NSSI. This study aims to identify specific emotion regulation deficits among individuals who engage in NSSI to allow for a better understanding of emotion regulation in NSSI and to inform treatments focused on emotion regulation.  

Validation of the Injury Severity Scale for NSSI
The purpose of this study is to validate a measure of medical severity of NSSI injuries developed by the lab, the Injury Severity Scale for NSSI (ISS-NSSI).

Ongoing Student Research Projects

Measuring the Impacts of Disordered Eating Behaviors on Acquired Capability for Suicide and Suicide Risk Within an Ideation-to-Action Framework
This is an online study examining the role of disordered eating behaviors in developing the acquired capability for suicide and how the interaction of disordered eating and acquired capability for suicide confer suicide risk.