About the Psychology Department

Dealy Hall Psychology Department Mail Drop Off Boxes.Our department approaches psychology with rigorous science, practicality, compassion, and ethical sense. In order to do justice to the complexity and diversity of human beings, we utilize a broad spectrum of approaches to theory, research, and practice. In our department, you will enjoy privileges including:

Learning Inside and Outside of the Classroom

We offer a world-class education that stimulates, challenges, and enriches our students. Our curriculum also extends beyond the walls of Fordham, as we collaborate with several research, teaching, and service organizations throughout the New York metropolitan area. This work with New York organizations offers you an opportunity to learn with a variety of other professionals and engage in collaborative projects across disciplines.

Serving New York

Our associations with citywide institutions not only provide our students with real-world experience but also serve New Yorkers in their deepest suffering, everyday struggles, and greatest triumphs. In so doing, our work fulfills our commitment to promoting the welfare of the diverse populations around us. We uphold these ethical obligations with the utmost seriousness, and we are committed to respecting individuals’ freedom, dignity, and communities.

Studying under a Renowned Faculty

The faculty in our department is a distinguished group of leading scholars with a wide range of interests and expertise. Our faculty prides itself on not just its collective achievements but also the collegial and welcoming atmosphere we maintain, where high academic standards and the pursuit of excellence are combined with the excitement of seeking knowledge. We also gain the satisfaction of making a difference through competent service and from the caring support shared among our faculty, staff, and students.

Become a Member of our Department

We offer undergraduates majors (BS degree) and minors in psychology at our Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses. Our graduate programs on the Rose Hill campus include doctoral programs in applied developmental psychology, clinical psychology (APA approved), psychometrics and quantitative psychology, and master’s programs in applied psychological methods and clinical research methods.

All of our programs include carefully constructed curricula that guide students from introductory to advanced levels of study. We offer students both breadth and depth of knowledge, a variety of collaborative as well as independent research opportunities, externships and internships outside the University, and individual guidance and mentoring by faculty.

Our undergraduate programs have a strong track record of placing students in prestigious graduate programs and fulfilling psychology-related careers, and our highly selective graduate programs successfully prepare students for leadership roles in academic, research, and professional institutions.