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Fordham Business and Law Association

The Fordham Business and Law Association aims to provide a forum for students to pursue scholarship and professional opportunities in business both within and outside of law. The organization routinely sponsors lectures, workshops, and networking events.

Contact Information


President: Jared Arcari (, 860-575-3851)

Vice President: Samantha Frankel (

Secretary:Jessica Engle (

Sponsorship/Alumni Relations Chair & Treasurer: Adena Kleiner (

1L Representative Members

Steven Czak
Brenna Dargan
Dana Dettmer
Nicolle Heagney
Nikoleta Jaupi
Maddison Levine
Michael McGarry
Michael Slovak

Former Executive Board

President: Ehtesham Iqbal (, 516-662-3348)

Vice President: Marti Satnick (

Secretary: Ariel Multak (

Treasurer: Tiara Goldberger (

Sponsorship Chair: Katherine Peluso (

Membership Chairs: Ian Engoron (, Jake Richman (