Fordham Business and Law Association


The Fordham Business & Law Association (FBLA) provides a forum for students to pursue professional interests in business within and outside of law through speaker series, workshops, and networking events.

The mission of the FBLA is to cultivate future lawyers and leaders who excel at the outset of their respective careers. The FBLA achieves this mission through its commitment to mentorship, diversity, and excellence.

The FBLA offers events covering a broad range of expertise and perspectives. Through an extensive network of Fordham alumni, the FBLA routinely hosts attorneys from top law firms in New York and across various practice groups. The FBLA also heads a number of educational events such as the 1L Summer Experience and On-Campus Interviewing panels. Lastly, the FBLA pays it forward through professional development office hours, open to all 1Ls, and a structured mentorship program with our 1L Representatives.

Student Board Members

  • 2L Co-President - Zachary Burgess
  • 2L Co-President - Kasey Lee
  • 3L Co-President - Leigh Forsyth
  • 3L Co-President - Tim Gordon
  • Vice President - Shiva Sachdeva
  • Vice President of Marketing - Marilyn Hurzeler
  • Secretary - Evan Tart
  • Treasurer - Grady Tarplee
  • Outreach Committee Chairperson - Henry Detesky
  • Outreach Committee Chairperson - Kaitlin Hickey
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Chairperson - Summer Perez
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Chairperson - Ben Rodrigues

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