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Artists Representation Society

Artists are often exploited by the entertainment industry and suffer from mistreatment such as delayed payments, poor working conditions, tax misguidance, and predatory contracts. Legal counsel for artists is not always accessible and can be prohibitively expensive. ARS is dedicated to empowering the NYC artistic community by providing artists across all disciplines (actors, recording artists, songwriters, dancers, etc.) access to legal education and resources. Our events include informational workshops and audience-led discussions about relevant legal issues. ARS also strives to educate and encourage Fordham Law students to understand legal issues from the artists’ perspective. In order to prepare Fordham Law students to better assist artists in their future careers, ARS provides opportunities for law students to hear first-hand from artists in various disciplines about the legal issues they face.

2020-2021 Board Members

Rachel Morgan Class of 2021 President

Alejandro Menjivar Class of 2021 Vice President

Bria Grant Class of 2021 Treasurer

Madison Pracht Class of 2022 Secretary

Han Jang Class of 2022 Event Coordinator

Jonathan Fisher Class of 2022 Event Coordinator

Eleni Venetos Class of 2022 Social Chair