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Recent Updates Fordham offices remain staffed and operating remotely. The University has released its plan, Fordham Forward, to resume in-person teaching and learning for the Fall semester. Full Details

Advocates for the Incarcerated

Advocates for the Incarcerated (AFTI)

Advocates for the Incarcerated (AFTI): AFTI is an abolitionist organization advocating on behalf of those in prison and jail. AFTI understands that the prison industrial complex is a tool of violent white supremacy — AFTI therefore seeks to educate the Fordham community on these issues, participate in relevant advocacy efforts, and foster relationships with those currently and formerly incarcerated.


2020-2021 Members

Nora Stephens Class of 2021 President

John Hobbs      Vice President

Madison Snelling Class of 2021 Treasurer

Alexander Mooney Class of 2022 Secretary

Jackie Prosky  Class of 2021 Co-Project & Advocacy Coordinator

Amanda Maisel Class of 2022 Co-Project & Advocacy Coordinator 

Sarah Acree Drug Polocy Reform Committee Leader