Advocates for the Incarcerated


Advocates for the Incarcerated (AFTI) is an abolitionist organization advocating on behalf of those in prison and jail. AFTI understands that the prison industrial complex is a tool of violent white supremacy — AFTI therefore seeks to educate the Fordham community on these issues, participate in relevant advocacy efforts, and foster relationships with those currently and formerly incarcerated.

Student Board Members

  • Co-President - Aleezah Merali
  • Co-President - Oona Wallace
  • Secretary - Megan Arden
  • Treasurer - Sydney Katz
  • Project Coordinator - Tamara Gilbert
  • Project Coordinator - Elizabeth Gudgel
  • Parole Information Project Coordinator - Sophia Lattanzio
  • Alumni Relations Coordinator - Parker Wingate
  • Alumni Relations Coordinator - Nelly Gargano

[email protected]

The Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC) student groups office is located at Room LL-101 of the Law School.