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Members of the University community should respond to the daily VitalCheck prompt at least 30 minutes prior to entering campus.

About Fordham Urban Consortium

Fosters innovative approaches to the study of urban phenomena, cultivates scholarship among students and faculty, promotes inter-disciplinary collaboration, and showcases Fordham as a top producer of urban scholarship and ideas.

Core of the Consortium
Faculty and graduate level urban research, graduate seminars, conferences, dialogues, workshops.

  • Seminars and Workshops:
    Multi-disciplinary sharing of current urban scholarship at Fordham.
  • Urban Dialogue Lecture Series:
    Series of high-profile “urban dialogues” on themes relevant to emerging research or policy questions fosters scholarly and/or policy exchange on pressing urban questions.
  • Urban Lab:
    For-credit, cross-disciplinary lab course taught by at least two urban faculty members providing both an overview of critical topics in urban research and also deep engagement in an applied research project.
  • Consortium Fellows:
    From time to time, the Consortium will host external scholars as fellows as resource for faculty and students and to engage ongoing or new research on urban issues.