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Meet the Lab

Zimmerman Clinical Neuropsychology Laboratory Logo Graphic

SLC lab students group photo2019-2020 Lab Members

Top (L-R): Ben Fusco-Gessick, Eric McConathey, Jordan Stiver, Malorie Watson
Bottom (L-R): Carlotta Santoni, Julia Marsden, Julia Phillips
Not pictured: Mira Bhattacharya

Zimmerman lab members group photo

2019 Year End Party: Lab members + friends

Group photo of Zimmerman Lab members 2018-2019

2018-2019 Lab Members:

Pictured L-R Back: Jordan Stiver, Cara Levitch, Eileen Moran, Julia Marsden, Jerome Vessichio, Eric McConathey Pictured L-R Front: Antigone Phili, Daniella Toto, Maral Aghvinian Not pictured: Benjamin Fusco-Gessick, Rachel Zimmerman, Katherine Farber


Lab members sitting around table at restaurant

2017-2018 Lab Members

Pictured L-R: Rachel Zimmerman, Cara Crook, Jordan Stiver, Daniella Toto, Eileen Moran, Cara Levitch, Molly Zimmerman, Antigone Phili 

Group of lab members at restaurant

End of the Year Dinner May 2017

Pictured L-R: Anika Masand, Eileen Moran, Cara Levitch, Cara Crook, Daniella Toto, Jess Weathers, Molly Zimmerman, Brianne Roche, Fawad Viqar, Tiffany Le 

Lab members sitting around a table

2016-2017 Lab Members
Pictured L-R: Jess Weathers, Tiffany Le, Eileen Moran, Anika Masand, Brianne Roche, Cara Crook

Neuropsychology Lab Members

2015-2016 Lab Members

Pictured L-R: Eileen Moran, Cara Levitch, Alessandra Palladino, Molly Zimmerman, Katrazyna McNeal, Tiffany Le, and Anika Masand


Molly Zimmerman

Molly Zimmerman, PhD
Dr. Zimmerman is the director of the Neuropsychology Laboratory. She is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist who enjoys engaging in a wide-range of research, teaching, and clinical practice activities. Her research interests explore the many ways in which cognitive abilities interact with medical conditions such as insomnia, sleep apnea, dementia, and sports-related traumatic brain injury. Much of her early clinical work involved diagnosis of dementia syndromes and she has maintained that interest in her research investigations that seek early predictors of age-associated cognitive decline. She also has a longstanding interest in sleep disorders and the complex relationships between sleep, cognition, and mood. An emerging interest has been the impact of light exposure, particularly blue light, on sleep and cognitive abilities in younger adults. And finally, she has focused on the impact of so-called subconcussive events sustained during normal sports play, such as heading of the ball in soccer, on measures of cognitive function and brain structure and function. A complete list of Dr. Zimmerman's publications can be found here.

Graduate Students

Eileen Moran

Eileen Moran, MA, MSc
Eileen is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at Fordham University. She received her BS in psychology from Fordham University in 2011 and her MSc in Psychology and Health in 2012.  Eileen’s research interests involve biological and environmental factors that relate to cognition, including genetic influences on age related cognitive changes and environmental factors impacting cognition.  Eileen’s master’s thesis examines the relationship between blue light exposure and response inhibition. Eileen’s dissertation examined cognitive and motor functioning in glucocerebrocidase mutation carriers. She successfully defended her dissertation in Spring of 2019 and is currently on clinical internship.

Cara Levitch

Cara Levitch, MA
Cara is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at Fordham University. She graduated with honors from Washington University in St. Louis in 2012 where she double majored in Philosophy, Neuroscience and Psychology (PNP) and Anthropology. After graduation, she worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator at the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, studying the efficacy and safety of a novel antidepressant for treatment-resistant depression. Cara is in the Neuropsychology Specialization at Fordham University and is interested in studying the relationship between brain and behavior in children and adults. She received her Masters Degree in Psychology from Fordham University in 2016. Cara’s dissertation examines the relationship between head impact exposures, sleep, and neuropsychological function in college soccer players. She successfully defended her dissertation in Spring of 2019 and is currently on clinical internship.

Jordan Stiver profile photo

Jordan Stiver, MA
Jordan is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at Fordham University. He graduated from San Francisco State University in 2013 with a BA in psychology. Since graduation, he has worked on research teams at the University of California, San Francisco studying novel approaches to cognitive remediation in severe mental illness and neurodegenerative disease.  Jordan’s master’s thesis focused on sleep-dependent episodic memory consolidation over a 2-week period.  He is broadly interested in understanding the relationships between modifiable lifestyle/environmental factors, rest-activity patterns, and cognitive functioning across the lifespan.


Eric McConathey portraitEric McConathey
Eric is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at Fordham University. He graduated from Drexel University with a B.S. in Psychology in 2013 and has since worked in several clinical research settings. Most recently, he was a Research Specialist at the University of Pennsylvania in the Laboratory for Cognition & Neural Stimulation where he studied the use of tDCS and TMS as potential therapies in aphasic populations. At Fordham, Eric is currently working on a study evaluating the impact of subconcussive events in athletes and its effects on sleep and cognitive function.

Ben Fusco Gessick portraitBenjamin Fusco-Gessick, MA
Ben is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at Fordham University. He received his BA in psychology from the University of Rochester in 2008 and his MA in Psychology from NYU in 2014. Before beginning the Fordham program, Ben worked as a researcher at an acute inpatient rehabilitation hospital where he studied the effects of post-stroke hemispatial neglect and treatment outcomes for children with severe TBI. Ben’s research interests include the cognitive effects of sleep quality, variability, and efficiency, and how these factors may be related to evolving patterns in blue light exposure.


SLC lab student Malorie Watson profile photoMalorie Watson, MA
Malorie is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at Fordham University. She received her BA in Psychology from Kent State University in 2012 and her MA in Clinical Psychology from the University of Indianapolis in 2015. Malorie has worked in several settings with people of all ages and with a variety of diagnoses as a neuropsychological assessment technician. She also had the opportunity to assist with cognitive baseline testing and concussion protocol for the Indianapolis Colts. Most recently, Malorie worked as a Clinical Research Specialist at the Indiana University School of Medicine on a project examining the effects of cognitive and physical training on cognition in older adults with memory concerns. This is a topic Malorie hopes to continue exploring at Fordham, along with her interest in the impact that sport-associated TBI has on cognitive abilities. 


Undergraduate Students

Julia Marsden portraitJulia Marsden
Julia is currently an undergraduate student at Fordham College Rose Hill, and is excited to begin her first research work on the Sleep Light Cognition study. She is a part of the Integrative Neuroscience program and is pursuing a degree in Cognitive Neuroscience.





SLC lab student Carlotta Santoni profile photoCarlotta Santoni
Carlotta is currently a senior at Fordham Lincoln Center. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in psychology with a minor in marketing. She is interested in many fields of psychology and plans to continue researching and is considering a graduate program to continue learning. She is very excited to work on the Sleep, Light and Cognition Study!



SLC lab student Julia Phillips profile photoJulia Phillips
Julia is an undergraduate student at Fordham College Rose Hill pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, with a minor in Biological Sciences. Julia is currently working on the Sleep Light Cognition study and completing her honors thesis. She is interested in pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology and will be applying to PhD and PsyD programs this year.



Mira Bhattacharya
Mira is currently a junior at Fordham Rose Hill and is pursuing a major in Psychology and a minor in Chemistry while on the pre-med track. She is also an EMT both with FUEMS and outside of Fordham. Mira is excited to be working in the SLC lab as her first research experience. She is considering pursuing a masters in nursing (psychiatric NP) or a masters in physician assistant studies.



Alessandra Palladino (BS, graduated 2016)

Katrazyna McNeal (BS, graduated 2016)

Tiffany Le (BS, graduated 2017)

Anika Masand (BS, graduated 2017)

Brianne Roche (BS, graduated 2017)

Jess Weathers (MS, graduated 2018)

Katya Farber

Jerome Vessichio (BS, graduated 2019)

Daniella Toto (BS, graduated 2019)

Antigone Phili (MS, graduated 2019)

Rachel Zimmerman (MS, graduated 2019)