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Apprenticeship Program

Fordham Law School Apprenticeship Program for Small to Midsize Law Firms

Fordham Law’s Apprenticeship Program is designed to provide a win-win experience for recent J.D. graduates and employers who do not traditionally hire straight out of law school.

The Apprenticeship Program enables employers to hire, full-time for one year, a recent J.D. graduate. The employer benefits from the product of a Fordham Law education—a professional ready, willing, and able to hit the ground running and make immediate contributions, whether in a small to midsize law firm or in-house setting. The recent J.D. graduate receives invaluable experience and credentials to allow them to lay a foundation for a successful legal career.

Employers participating in the Apprenticeship Program determine the salary for the recent J.D. graduate joining their team. Salaries should fall in the range for legal fellowships, generally $50–70k.

Fordham Law is committed to working with you, as a prospective employer, to make the recruitment process as seamless as possible.