Resident Attorney Year Program

Fordham University School of Law’s Resident Attorney Year (“RAY”) program matches students and graduates with small and mid-size firms and corporate legal departments for a one year position post-graduation. Employers pay a cost-effective salary to the graduate for a one year period, and have the option of retaining the Resident Attorney as an associate beyond the one year period or moving on. 

How does the RAY program benefit the employer? It provides employers with the opportunity to select a bright FLS grad to contribute to its organization in a meaningful way at an affordable rate and without a financial commitment beyond a year. How does the RAY program benefit the graduate? It offers the Resident Attorney the chance to grow their legal skills performing first year attorney work while gaining transferable skills for a lateral move should the employer not retain the Resident Attorney beyond the year period.

Traditionally, identifying boutique firms and corporate law departments at the precise time when they need a junior attorney can be somewhat difficult, so this program was developed to meet these needs. Thus, while the year period typically will start shortly after the graduate has taken the bar, it can begin at any time the employer finds and selects the candidate best suited to meet its needs.

If you or someone you know are interested in discussing the Resident Attorney Year program, please contact Victoria Behr, Assistant Director for Employer Outreach, at [email protected].