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Admitted Student Events

"I'm going to Fordham!"

Hug from the Fordham mascot.

Whether you've officially declared your college choice or you're still trying to decide which place is right for you, you're invited to visit Fordham.

Some events, like our open house, are more comprehensive. Some are short "refreshers." And, some will be in your neighborhood.

Get more details below, or schedule your visit right now. You're welcome to attend multiple events.

Some of our events will reach capacity, so be sure to register and receive confirmation before booking your flight or making other travel plans. All our events require pre-registration by the admitted student.

Which event should I attend?

Choose the visit event that fits what you need.

If you can only visit once, try to come for Spring Preview.

  • If you’ve been to Open House (in October), Spring Preview has a similar program. Even so, if you attend Spring Preview, we’re certain you’ll get new and useful information.
  • If you’ve been to Fall Preview (in November), Spring Preview has a lot more content. You should attend Spring Preview.

If you can’t come to Spring Preview, then try to come for an Admitted Student Day.

If you can’t come to Spring Preview or an Admitted Student Day, then come for an Admitted Student Roundtable.

If you want to talk with a professor, you should attend Spring Preview, where faculty members from each department gather at a large fair.

If you want specific information about a major, departmental highlights or faculty contact information, you'll find the most detail right now on our Majors and Minors page. 

If you want to attend a smaller event, come for an Admitted Student Roundtable. Depending on the day, between 2 and 60 visitors attend these events. Most of the time, about 15 attend.

If you want to interact with many Fordham students, come for Spring Preview or an Admitted Student Day.

If attending a Fordham class is your priority, sign up for an Admitted Student Roundtable. Class visits aren’t available during a Spring Preview or an Admitted Student Day.

If you want to see both campuses or attend multiple events, you can. Register for each event separately.

If an event is full and you can't register, we’ll gladly welcome you another time. All our events require pre-registration and some events will become full. For safety and space reasons, we cannot raise the capacity of an event.

Finally, if you really want to take a selfie with Fordham's mascot, then come to Spring Preview. Go Rams!

Still not sure?

Then we need to talk. Call 1-800-FORDHAM and ask to speak with an admission counselor. Or, send your questions to

Spring Preview Open House

Comprehensive University Open House

If you can only visit once, come for Spring Preview, our open house for admitted students on April 13 and 14, 2019. The president will welcome you. There's a big fair, where our faculty, staff and students can tell you more about our majors, services, and student organizations. Professors give mock classes and other academic presentations. You can see all our freshmen dorms. And, of course, our ambassadors will show you around the whole campus.

For more details, the complete schedule, and to register, see our Spring Preview page.

Admitted Student Days

Focused College Visit Day

If you can't attend Spring Preview, come for one of our six Admitted Student Days, on February 20 or 22, March 29, or April 5, 10 or 26, 2019. During these weekday events, you'll get multiple answers to the important question, “Why Fordham?” Our deans will welcome you and describe the advantages of the college to which you've been admitted. You'll get a full campus tour, including a first-year student residence hall. And, most importantly, you'll have time set aside to talk with other admitted students and current Fordham students.

For more details, the complete schedule, and to register, see our Admitted Student Day page.

Roundtables & Daily Tours

Introductory Visit / Fordham Refresher

Admitted Student Roundtables

During your two-hour visit, a Roundtable will give you the chance to get advice about next steps and interact with other admitted students. Upon arrival, you'll be able to chat with other admitted students. (Depending on who has registered, about 2 to 60 visitors attend; usually it's around 15 people.) Then, an admission counselor will give a presentation titled 10 Answers to the Question, 'Why should I choose Fordham?' After the information session, a current Fordham student will share their story and help the counselor with Q&A. Finally, you'll head out on a campus tour, including a residence hall. Look on our calendar for Admitted Student Roundtables on most weekdays in April.

Tours Only

From January 22 to May 1, 2019, there are more than 200 “tours only,” led by current Fordham students at our Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses. Register for a tour at our online event calendar.

Self-Guided Tours

We really want you to visit Fordham on a day and at a time when our tour guides are available to give you a proper tour. If you can't come then and as long as our office is open, you can explore campus on your own. Look for the Self-Guided Tour option on our calendar and sign up to receive important arrival instructions.

Class Visits

Attend A Class

Depending on course availability, admitted students can attend a real Fordham class in March and April. Get additional details and see the list of open classes.

Note:  While we recommend visiting campus for one of our Admitted Student Days, you won't be able to attend a class on these days -- we don't want you to miss any part of the formal program and there aren't many classes taught after the program ends. If attending a Fordham class is your priority, you should make plans to visit on a non-Admitted Student Day in April.

Off Campus Events

Admitted Student Regional Receptions

We plan on hosting many regional receptions in the spring around the U.S. If we'll be near your hometown, you'll get an email invitation. You can also view our off-campus events calendar. At a reception, we'll review some basics about Fordham and then discuss the top reasons we think you should enroll here.  After the presentation, there will be time for attendees to ask questions and speak individually with an admission counselor.

International Visits

Fordham admission representatives will also be visiting several cities across the globe this spring. We'd love to meet you and answer any of your questions. To set up an appointment, check out our international visit schedule and follow the instructions to make your request. (Remember to look again at our calendar as we add more dates and cities.)