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Fordham and the Bronx

Fordham University’s connection to what is now the Bronx dates back to 1841.  As the Bronx borough expanded in territory and population density over the years, the Rose Hill campus has remained an integral educational mainstay in the community.  The following resources highlight the unique history and culture of the borough as well as Fordham's place within it as the Jesuit university of New York.      

Introduction to the History of Fordham

Archbishop Hughes welcomes Jesuits to campus, 1846.

Msgr. Thomas J. Shelley provides a brief overview of the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center early histories.

Library Guide to the History of Fordham

class of 1865

Compiled by Fordham’s Special Collections archivist Patrice Kane.

History of Jesuits in New York


Outlines the history of the province's leadership and initiatives; commissioned by the Jesuits of the USA Northeast Province and written by Fr. Arthur C. Bender, SJ.

Bronx African American History Project (BAAHP)


Documents oral histories of longtime Bronx residents and recent African immigrants. Partner with Bronx-based artists, musicians, and local educators to provide relevant community programming. Based at Fordham University.

Bronx County Historical Society

Bronx County Historical Association

Preserves research collections and provides local educational opportunities for the public. The exhibits of the Museum of Bronx History are housed in the Society's Valentine-Varian House on Bainbridge Avenue.

Bronx Museum of the Arts

Bronx Museum of the Arts

Sponsors exhibitions that reflect the diverse communities and experiences of the borough.

Bronx Music Heritage Center (BMHC)

Bronx Music Heritage Center

Promotes a wide array of programming that celebrates jazz, salsa, R & B, and hip hop.

Museum of the City of New York (MCNY)


Periodically highlights the Bronx. Recent exhibitions include Hip Hop Revolution, which showcased the photography of Joe Conzo who documented the early Bronx hip hop scene. Another recent Bronx-centered exhibit, In the South Bronx of America, displayed the photography of Mel Rosenthal.

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