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Faculty Chairs

Fordham Law professors produce groundbreaking scholarship. They engage in rigorous, precise research. Their work sheds light on complex issues facing the legal profession and society.

To pursue their scholarly projects with care and precision, faculty members require intellectual freedom and financial resources. Faculty chairs provide these resources and this freedom.

The Fordham Law faculty includes 23 chairholders, six of whom were announced in 2017. Together they form an intellectual storehouse without peer. Their ideas drive action.

Existing Faculty Chairs

Fordham Law Professor James BrudneyJames J. Brudney
The Joseph Crowley Chair in Labor and Employment Law | Established in 2017
Brudney, a leading scholar of workplace law and statutory interpretation with broad experience in professional practice, public service, and policymaking, is the inaugural Joseph Crowley chairholder. He investigates the dynamic relationship between labor law and the judicial and legislative branches of government. Watch a video.




FLS Nestor DavidsonNestor M. Davidson
The Albert A. Walsh ’54 Chair in Real Estate, Land Use, and Property Law | Established in 2005
A prolific scholar of property, land use, and local government law, Davidson has brought to Fordham Law deep experience as a practicing attorney, devoted public servant, and engaging teacher. Shortly after joining the Law School, he launched the School’s Urban Law Center, for which he serves as faculty director, and he has also served as associate dean for academic affairs. Watch a video.




Fordham Law Professor Tanya HernandezTanya K. Hernández
The Archibald R. Murray Professorship | Established in 2000
Hernández is an internationally recognized expert on comparative race relations; her scholarship offers a fresh, nuanced perspective on issues related to antidiscrimination and equality law. Her most recent book examines the existence of customary laws of racial regulation in Latin American states. She serves as associate director and head of global and comparative law programs and initiatives for the School’s Center on Race, Law, and Justice. Watch a video.




FLS Clare HuntingtonClare Huntington
The Joseph M. McLaughlin Professorship | Established in 1997
Huntington specializes in family law and poverty law, and her expertise is bolstered by prior experiences with foster care, youth services, and international development agencies. Her recent book offers a theoretical framework for the reform of our family law system so that it can better address the social, psychological, and emotional needs of families. She serves as the School’s associate dean for research. Watch a video.




Ethan LeibEthan J. Leib
The John D. Calamari Distinguished Professor of Law | Established in 1995
The author and editor of four books, Leib is a noted expert in constitutional law, legislation, and contracts. In his book Friend v. Friend he takes stock of a critically important social institution—friendship, investigates its ongoing transformations, and contends that it could benefit from more sensitive public policies. More recently, he has examined fiduciary principles to determine whether or not they can illuminate relationships in public law. Watch a video.




Professor Richard SquireRichard Squire
The Alpin J. Cameron Chair in Law | Established in 1957
A keen observer of corporate restructuring and bankruptcy law, Richard Squire has earned multiple awards for scholarship that approaches legal questions from the perspective of economic analysis. In his forthcoming book, he dispels common myths about the Wall Street bailouts of 2007 and 2008. Watch a video.





Fordham Law Professor Susan Block-LiebSusan Block-Lieb
Cooper Chair in Urban Legal Issues | Established in 1999
Professor Block-Lieb writes on a wide range of topics that include sovereign debt, the emergence and evolution of international lawmaking on trade and commerce, and new theories of transnational legal orders.





FLS Daniel CapraDaniel J. Capra
Philip D. Reed Chair | Established in 2009
An established expert and author in the areas of evidence, criminal procedure, and electronic discovery, Professor Capra co-authored the first casebook on e-discovery and digital evidence and wrote Rule 502 of the Federal Rules of Evidence. Watch a video.





FLS Deborah DennoDeborah W. Denno
Arthur A. McGivney Chair in Law | Established in 1982
The founding director of the Neuroscience and Law Center, Professor Denno is one of the foremost voices in criminal law, criminal procedure, social sciences and the law, and the death penalty. Watch a video.





Fordham Law Dean Matthew DillerMatthew Diller
Dean and Paul Fuller Professor of Law | Established in 2007
As a prominent scholar of social welfare law and policy, Dean Diller has lectured and written extensively on the legal dimensions of social welfare policy, including public assistance, Social Security, and disability programs, as well as on disability law and policy. Watch a video.





John FeerickJohn D. Feerick
Sidney C. Norris Chair of Law in Public Service | Established in 1983
An alumnus and former dean of Fordham Law, Professor Feerick played a pivotal role in the enactment of the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He serves as the founder and senior counsel of the School’s Feerick Center for Social Justice. Watch a video.





FLS Martin FlahertyMartin S. Flaherty
Leitner Family Chair in International Human Rights | Established in 2005
Professor Flaherty is the founding co-director of the Leitner Center for International Law and Justice. His publications focus on constitutional law and history, foreign affairs, and international human rights.





FLS Bruce GreenBruce A. Green
Louis Stein Chair | Established in 2010
Professor Green directs the Louis Stein Center for Law and Ethics. A nationally recognized expert in professionalism and legal ethics, as well as criminal law, he is a past chair of the ABA Criminal Justice Section and serves on the Multistate Professional Bar Examination drafting committee. Watch a video.





Fordham Law Professor Abner GreeneAbner S. Greene
Leonard F. Manning Distinguished Professorship | Established in 1997
An expert on the First Amendment, Professor Greene is a prominent constitutional law scholar whose most recent book dismantles the standard arguments for political obligation. Watch a video.





Fordham Law Professor Sean GriffithSean J. Griffith
T.J. Maloney Chair in Business Law | Established in 2005
Professor Griffith serves as the director for the Corporate Law Center. His scholarship sheds light on the corporate compliance programs and shareholder lawsuits that are shaping modern-day corporate governance. Watch a video.





FLS James KainenJames Kainen
Brendan Moore Chair in Advocacy Law | Established in 2005
Professor Kainen teaches and publishes in the areas of evidence, trial advocacy and trial procedure, and property. He served as director of the Brendan Moore Trial Advocacy Center for more than 20 years.





Fordham Law Professor Constantine KatsorisConstantine N. Katsoris
Agnes and Ignatius M. Wilkinson Chair of Law | Established in 1961
Professor Katsoris, former chairman of the Securities Industry Conference on Arbitration, publishes in the areas of arbitration and mediation and has served as arbitrator and mediator in disputes at the NYSE, the NASD, and FINRA.





Fordham Law Professor Thomas LeeThomas H. Lee
Leitner Family Chair in International Law | Established in 2005
Professor Lee’s fields of expertise are international law, international arbitration, comparative and U.S. constitutional law, civil procedure, and the U.S. federal courts. He serves as the School’s director of graduate and international studies.






FLS Faculty Russ Pearce 240x240 SMRussell G. Pearce
Edward and Marilyn Bellet Chair in Legal Ethics, Morality, and Religion Law | Established in 2005
Professor Pearce teaches, writes, and lectures in the field of professional responsibility. He serves as faculty director of the Institute on Religion, Law & Lawyer’s Work.





Fordham Law Professor Steve ThelSteve Thel
Maurice I. Wormser Professorship | Established in 2002
Professor Thel focuses on the areas of contracts, corporate law, investment management, and securities regulation. He is the co-author of Contract Enforcement: Specific Enforcement and Injunctions and of Investment Management Law and Regulation.





FLS Ben ZipurskyBenjamin C. Zipursky
James H. Quinn ’49 Chair in Legal Ethics | Established in 1997
Professor Zipursky is a leading scholar in torts, jurisprudence, and legal ethics. He formulated with John Goldberg the idea of civil recourse theory, a novel, overarching theory of tort law. Watch a video.