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Master of Arts in Global History

Understand the human experience through new, transnational approaches

The human drama has been enacted upon a grand stage for thousands of years, but the story of the world’s peoples and cultures has only recently come to be understood in a global perspective.

Dramatic changes in transportation and communications technology have contributed to the emergence of a “globalized” society. Historians are now beginning to re-examine fundamental aspects of the human experience explicitly from the perspective of movement and exchange.

Program Highlights

  • Pursue original research in fields related to your global interests
  • Engage in interdisciplinary coursework that draws upon the strengths of other Fordham departments and programs
  • Take advantage of small classes taught by our world-renowned faculty
  • Reap the benefits of studying in New York, offering additional research opportunities from a wide range of local universities, museums, and libraries

Program Basics

  • Attend full-time courses, offered during the day and evening, at our Rose Hill Campus in the Bronx, NY
  • Take a minimum of three global history elective courses in addition to a course on “theories and methods” for historians
  • Conduct a unique “special project” as an alternative to a final research paper

Intellectual and Professional Advancement

If you are interested in pursuing further study, this program allows you to take unique advantage of our world-renowned faculty to identify research projects that would make you an extremely competitive candidate for admission to the country’s top Ph.D. programs in History.

Further, this program will also enhance your credentials and training for teaching in the New York State high school Social Studies curriculum; or prepare you for careers in fields related to global business, public policy, development, and humanitarian organizations.