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Selection Criteria

We look beyond numbers.

We consider your personal statement, letters of recommendation, professional experience, LSAT score, GPA, and your complete application. We are committed to the practice of equity through diversity and inclusion, and we select applicants who are bright, innovative, and passionate about the law. Learn more about our selection criteria.

Fordham Law School's Admissions Committee — composed of full-time faculty members, Assistant Deans, and the Director of Admissions — evaluates each completed application received. For the 2021-2022 admissions cycle, we evaluated 6,924 applications. The entering class in Fall 2022 (as of August 25, 2022) had the following LSAT and GPA distribution:

LSAT/GPA Full-time Day Part-time Evening
75th Percentile LSAT 168 166
Median LSAT 167 163
25th Percentile LSAT 164 158
75th Percentile GPA 3.83 3.73
Median GPA 3.73 3.60
25th Percentile GPA 3.56 3.46

In evaluating the academic record, attention is paid to the grade trend over the course of study, course selection, grades in the major, choice of major, school attended, and the time frame within which the degree was earned. Academic work completed at the graduate and professional school level is also carefully considered. While the best available evidence suggests that the LSAT score and GPA should be accorded significant weight in evaluating most applicants, the Admissions Committee believes that securing the most diverse, interesting, and able entering class involves the consideration of qualitative factors—including prior employment, student activities, service to the community, leadership ability, propensity for public service, and communication skills—which also suggest an applicant's potential to make extraordinary contributions to the success of the entering class specifically and to the legal profession.

Applicants who have been educationally, socially, and economically disadvantaged are afforded a particularly careful review, as are applicants who have had to overcome significant obstacles in their lives.

Finally, efforts are made to ensure that the entire selection process is fair and the Admissions Committee goes to great lengths to ensure that all applicants are accorded equal treatment, respect, and consideration.

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