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Follow-up Procedures

An application is complete when it has been filled out pursuant to the Application Procedure and Requirements instructions. Evaluation is triggered by the Admissions Committee's receipt of the official Credential Assembly Service (CAS) report. Applicants should pay close attention to the reports they receive from CAS, which indicate which law schools have requested their file. The Admissions Committee usually requests an applicant's CAS report within 48 hours. As a general rule, the Admissions Committee is unable to accommodate requests that evaluation be postponed pending receipt of specific materials, such as additional letters of recommendation, updated grades, etc.

Applicants can expect decisions approximately 8-10 weeks after their applications become complete (this date can be viewed using the online status checker).

Applicants are welcome to submit updates to their applications:

  • Updated transcripts should be sent directly to LSAC.
  • Updated LSAT scores will be submitted by LSAC. If you have an application on file, LSAC will automatically send us a new LSAT score and it will be added to your file.
  • Updated resumes can be emailed to as PDFs. It’s helpful to highlight updates.
  • Additional letters of recommendation can be submitted through LSAC or the writers can email PDFs directly to We can only accept up to four letters of recommendation, including the ones an applicant originally included in their application.
  • Addenda can be emailed to as PDFs.
  • Letters of continued interest can be emailed to as PDFs.
  • We cannot accept materials, such as videotapes, audiotapes, papers, theses, dissertations, articles, memoranda of law, legal briefs, etc.

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