Brendan Moore Trial Advocacy Center Summer Competition

Traditionally, the Moores hold a try-out competition in June that is open to rising second year day students as well as second and third year evening students.

The Summer Competition is significantly shorter than the Fall Competition. The Summer Competition consists of delivering a 5 minute closing argument based on a short, closed-universe problem provided by the Moores. Competition packets may consist of depositions, police reports, prior trial testimony, or other litigation documents. Competitors will be expected to piece together the facts, construct a theory of the case, and deliver their closing based on that theory. Competitors may choose which side they wish to argue (either prosecution or defendant).

Anyone who competes in the summer and does not get a spot on the Moores is encouraged to try again in the Fall Intraschool Competition. Summer competitors who are invited to join the Moores must compete in the Fall Intraschool Competition to keep their spot on the team.

If you have any questions regarding the Summer Competition, please contact one of the Intraschool Editors:  Amanda Bradley and Tamara Gilbert at [email protected]