CLIP Decennial Fellows Program

For Select Incoming Law Students

The Program

The Fordham Center on Law and Information Policy (CLIP) Decennial Fellows Program, founded to commemorate CLIP's tenth anniversary, provides an opportunity to cultivate interest and gain expertise in the rapidly growing fields of information and technology law, as well as to meet and network with professionals in the field, Fordham faculty, and other interested students.


Decennial Fellows attend monthly discussions over lunch or afternoon refreshments, Information Law and Policy Roundtable sessions, and other events typically open to students by invitation only. These events focus on discussions of legal and policy aspects of intellectual property law, information law, and information technology law. With a minimal time commitment, Decennial Fellows also have an opportunity to develop valuable legal writing and public speaking skills associated with their contributions to CLIP activities and research. Incoming first-year law students frequently seek ways to get involved with law school centers, institutes, and programs without diverting attention from a rigorous course load. The Fordham CLIP Decennial Fellows Program is a fantastic way to do so!

How to Apply for the 2023-2024 Academic Year

Please send a statement of interest and a resume to [email protected]. A professional or academic background in internet, privacy, or technology matters is helpful, but not at all required.