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  • Throughout the centuries, in Christian writings and homilies, the Pharisees have been called legalistic, money-loving, self-righteous hypocrites. That definition has become a label applied to Jews in general as well as any persons or groups the speaker or writer despised. For Jews, however, the Pharisees are respected teachers of the past who are in some way the predecessors of all forms of modern Judaism.

    Who were the Pharisees, really? And why does this question matter today?


    This joint event of Fordham’s Institute on Religion, Law, and Lawyer’s Work and Jewish Theological Seminary was also supported by AJC – American Jewish Committee.

  • The impending doom of climate change hovers global conversation in recent times. It revolves around finding a sustainable solution to the equitable dispensation of scarce natural resources. The injustice gap is visible in current flawed social and political systems trends that celebrate division instead of togetherness. To search for solutions, we hosted a conversation with experts to explore novel strategies to cure the irreversible imminent global disaster.


  • The 2020 uprisings reveal the urgency for centering racial equity in America's civic life. Our first webinar of the series Racial Equity and Interfaith Cooperation discusses policies around education, healthcare, and more.


  • Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato Si': On Care for Our Common Home reaches its fifth anniversary amid a pandemic that has the power to transform ways of working, commuting, and connecting. This dialogue explores the ecological crisis in times of COVID-19 from a moral, economic, and legal perspective. It also reveals the deep inequities in our society, including environmental injustice that harms human health.


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  • On March 29, 2015 Catholic lawyer Francisco Canzani and Argentinean Rabbi Silvina Chemen  led a workshop for young adults, providing them tools, methods and resources to build bridges between people of different cultures, religions and backgrounds.

  • An Argentinean Rabbi, a Catholic Lawyer and their work and experience of dialogue.

    Rabbi Silvina Chemen and Francisco Canzani recently wrote a book together based on a life experience built over many years, making them protagonists and experts on the art of dialogue.

    The book, now published in English - “A Dialogue of Life: Towards the encounter of Jews and Christians” - wants to be a contribution to motivate Christians and Jews with any kind of involvement in their own religious communities, to begin the way of dialogue.

    Fordham News about this event.


  • On November 5, 2014 Neta Ziv, Visiting Professor at Fordham Law School presented this topic with the comments of Professor Russell G. Pearce, the Edward & Marilyn Bellet Chair in Legal Ethics, Morality and Religion at Fordham University School of Law, in a crowed room filled with students interested by this sensitive issue.

    • "I am your protector" panel and exhibition highlighting people of the three monotheist religions who have been heroes in protecting others. 
    • "Lessons From Charlie Hebdo: Free Speech Or Hate Speech?"