Employment Forms for Law Adjunct Faculty

  • After the Registrar releases the Class Schedule, New Adjuncts will receive a Welcome Packet containing instructions and employment forms. Please make an appointment with Cynthia Cameron to submit all completed paperwork and to present the I-9 acceptable form(s) of identification. Below is a complete list of documents you may be asked to submit:

    • Faculty/Instructional Staff Employment Application — for departmental hiring decisions and to initiate background checks
    • Curriculum Vitae (preferably emailed)
    • Employee New Hire Form — for HR and Payroll records
    • I-9 Employment Verification Form — U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requires this form to verify each employee's identity and authorization to work in the United States
    • I-9 Acceptable Form(s) of Identification — U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requires that you present the original documents no later than 3 business days following the first day of classes
    • W-4 Federal Tax Withholding Allowance Certificate — for employees to indicate the elected withholding amount from payroll for Federal Income Tax purposes
    • IT-2104 New York State Tax Withholding Allowance Certificate — for employees working in NYS to indicate the elected withholding amount from payroll for State Income Tax
    • IT-2104.1 New York State Certificate of Nonresidence — for nonresidents of NYS to indicate the percentage of services performed in and outside of NYS state during the year
    • New York State Labor Law Notice of Pay Rate and Payday (Exempt) — NYS Department of Labor requires this form to ensure that employees receive notice of their pay in their primary language
    • Direct Deposit Form — for authorizing Payroll to automatically deposit your pay into a bank account
    • Passport-Sized Photo — (preferably emailed) for your I.D card and/or Adjunct Web Profile
  • Returning Adjuncts (defined as those who have taught within the last two calendar years) generally do not need to resubmit New Adjunct paperwork, unless there has been a change in legal or tax information. Please note that any Permanent Address changes resulting in a different tax jurisdiction requires a Personal Change Form AND a new set of W-4 and IT-2104 Tax Forms.

    • Adjunct Instructional Staff Contract (above) — automatically renewed on your behalf, upon your proposal to teach
    • W-4 or IT-2104 Tax Forms (above) — for updating your tax withholding amounts or Permanent Address in a different tax jurisdiction
    • Direct Deposit Form (above) — for updating your bank account
    • Personal Change Form — for updating your name, marital status, social security number, and contact information for HR/Payroll purposes
  • There is generally no need for Administrators Teaching as Adjuncts to resubmit paperwork. The forms below are generally completed on your behalf, and are available for you to review.

    • Adjunct Instructional Staff Contract
    • Approval for Administrators to Teach
  • If you anticipate having one or more additional instructors co-teaching 25% or more of the class sessions for a particular course, you must obtain approval from Joseph Landau, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at [email protected].

    If their names are not reflected on the Class Schedule, please contact Audrey Glassman at [email protected]. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring the accuracy of our official Class Schedule, which is a primary reference in managing electronic access, building security, teaching activity, and many other internal processes.

    Whether or not they are receiving compensation, all co-teachers must have a teaching contract, and must undergo the same employment process. If there is compensation, it is generally evenly split between all the instructors, or based on their credit-hour contribution to the course.

  • A co-teacher is distinguished from a guest lecturer, in that the latter generally only teaches 1-2 class sessions, and has a specialization that supplements the course requirements.

    Guest lecturers may include a law librarian or a WestLaw/TWEN representative providing a refresher workshop on legal research for a course that requires a term paper. If the primary instructor is unexpectedly out 1-2 class sessions due to an illness or emergency, last-minute substitutes are generally considered guest lecturers as well.

    Guest lecturers do not have to submit employment forms, and can be signed in by the primary instructor at the Security Desk. Guest lecturers arriving at the building alone should coordinate with the Law Security Desk in advance at 212-636-6975.