House System

Launched in the fall 2019, the Fordham Law School House System fosters community and inclusion and optimizes the 1L experience by assigning all incoming students to a House, or close-knit sub-community within the Law School, with which they will affiliate throughout their law school careers. 

Building a Close-Knit Community

Each House is led by a faculty house leader and supported by designated upper-year student advisors, alumni mentors, house faculty, and administrative liaisons from all corners of the institution—all of whom are committed to helping the students in their House adjust to law school and take advantage of the broad array of resources and opportunities that Fordham has to offer.

1Ls can look forward to the following:

  • Optional house sessions, where they can get to know their classmates and check in with their house support team in an informal setting

  • Bi-monthly house social events and recreational activities, such as trivia nights, yoga classes, happy hours, and more

  • Regular get-togethers with their advising group

Streamlining the 1L Experience

To alleviate first-year-related stresses, each House has a designated meeting time during which all mandatory 1L co-curricular programs occur. House meetings serve as an organizational filter through which all departments can reach students, resulting in a carefully curated series of programs designed to equip students with the critical knowledge and skills they need at every stage of the 1L year.

Delivering a Robust Professionalism and Wellness Curriculum

The House curriculum also incorporates sessions on professionalism and wellness topics –  such as self-care, growth mindset, and professional etiquette. These programs allow students to begin cultivating the social, emotional, and professional competencies required for success in the legal profession, as well as the tools and insights necessary to chart satisfying career paths.

    • Meet Your House Faculty and Liaisons
    • Wellness 101: Strategies for Maintaining Health and Happiness in Law School and Practice
    • Career Planning: Getting Started
    • Racial Equity and Inclusion
    • Exam Prep
    • Meet Your Spring House Faculty
    • Secrets to Success: Growth Mindset and Resilience
    • Charting a Satisfying Career Path
    • Professionalism in Practice
    • Curating Your Course of Study: Course Selection and Registration

    *The house meeting schedule will also include a variety of less formal, optional programs designed to provide opportunities for advising and community-building.


"For me, the house system created a united, supportive community that really bridged all the craziness that was 1L year. I felt like I had resources available at every level -- ranging from the advice of my 2L peers who had so recently been through the same struggles, to the guidance provided by the Office of Professionalism. From studying and outlining tips to presentations on caring for my mental health, the house system equipped me with the tools I needed to successfully navigate my first year of law school."

- Megan Ganley, FLS ’22