Board of Student Advisors Program

The Board of Student Advisors (BSA) program is designed to help incoming students adjust to law school and foster an immediate sense of belonging within the Fordham Law community. The BSA consists of upper-year students who serve as mentors to incoming students for the duration of the 1L year. Advisors, who are assigned to one of the five Houses, meet with their small set of advisees on a regular basis and play a key role in House community-building activities. The BSA also regularly attends House meetings during which they are available to answer questions and offer guidance on topics such as time management, study strategies, the summer job search, and tips for coping with the stress of law school. 

Student Quotes

"1L is a huge transition for incoming students. Having reliable guidance from older students helps make the transition much smoother. I greatly benefited from 2L mentors last year and am excited to return the favor.  I look forward to helping the incoming students navigate their first year in a way that is smart, efficient, and enjoyable -- recognizing that there is enough time to be a good student while aiming to be physically and mentally healthy."

Ryan Hibbard, FLS ’22

"My advisor was such a life-saver throughout the whole 1L process!  She was a valuable resource for whatever I needed: study tips, outlines, and just someone understanding who I could rely on."

Ange Christiani, FLS ’22

For questions about the Board of Student Advisors, contact Maya Fitzgerald,  Director of Professionalism ([email protected]).