Peer Mentorship Program

The Fordham Law School Peer Mentorship Program is a voluntary mentoring program designed to foster community and inclusion within the Law School and ensure that all students feel cared for and supported. Second-year students who seek additional guidance and ties to the Law School community are matched with third and fourth-year students who can empathize with their situation and support them as they navigate the personal, academic, and professional challenges of the 2L year.

Mentoring groups meet on a weekly basis for the duration of the fall semester, with an option to continue through the spring term. Mentors are afforded a budget, which enables them to meet with their mentees regularly over coffee or a meal.*

All mentors enroll in the one-credit seminar “Peer Mentoring & Leadership,” which is designed to equip mentors with the tools and training they will need to support their mentees and develop the professionalism skills necessary for effective leadership. Mentors help each other work through challenges that arise in their mentoring, and practice cultivating critical leadership and professionalism skills such as listening, teamwork, emotional intelligence, and multi-cultural competence.

*The Peer Mentorship Program is made possible by the generosity of Rich Ross, FLS ’86.

Student Quotes

"Participating in the Peer Mentorship Program as a mentee and a mentor has completely changed my perception of law school. I was reminded that I came to law school to make a difference in the world and that helping others requires taking care of oneself. I know that I am a better student and will be a happier, more complete lawyer because of my participation in this program."

  • Stephanie Ali, FLS ’20

"The Peer Mentorship Program provides a student with access to charismatic, connected, and dedicated mentors, who will use their vast networks at Fordham Law to ensure a mentee can reach his or her full potential during law school. The peer mentorship program was an essential part of my successful transition to Fordham as a transfer student. My peer mentors continue to be trusted sources of advice even after they've graduated."

  • Matthew LaBau, FLS ’21

"As a transfer student, I greatly appreciated being introduced to upper-level students right at the outset of my arrival at campus. Students, who were willing to share with me their law school experience in an environment that was very new to me at the time. During our many coffee or lunch breaks throughout the semester, I learned a lot of valuable information relating to the school, the job market, and the city itself. Of course, all of this was tremendously helpful, and I would encourage any rising 2L to sign up for the Peer Mentorship Program as well. Importantly, however, the program made me feel more welcome, and made my first months at Fordham less overwhelming."

  • Michal Zabadal, FLS ‘21

"The Peer Mentorship program is exactly what you'd hope for when joining. I gained a mentor who truly became a major network advocate for myself in connecting me with other lawyers they know as well as always aiding me in various intern and job hunts."

  • Meagan Lemley, FLS ’21

For questions about the Peer Mentorship Program, please contact Jordana Confino, Director of Professionalism ([email protected]).