Fordham Information Law Society


Facebook is accused of negligence, among other claims, for allowing the Russians to interfere in U.S. elections. The Chinese government implemented a social scoring system that utilizes artificial intelligence and advanced metrics to keep its citizens in line. An attorney is stopped by customs, and the agent demands computer passwords, which might reveal the clients’ privileged information. These are just some of the topics that the Fordham Information Law Society (FILS) has examined recently.

FILS is focused on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, robotics, privacy, data protection, telecommunications, machine learning, deep learning, deep web, and cutting-edge technology, among other topics. These issues impact all of us in our daily lives, whether we know it or not. For example, the increasing use of artificial intelligence by police departments may exacerbate racial profiling.

Information privacy law is one of the hottest and fastest-growing areas in the law. Knowledge of the subject may not only provide the basis for a great career path, but the issues are incredibly interesting and provocative.

FILS plans on hosting several panels with highly respected speakers. We are also open to other activities that may interest our members. Membership in the organization does not require a significant time commitment, but we are hoping to find members from diverse backgrounds with diverse perspectives who share our interest in these exciting topics.

Student Board Members

  • President - Chris D'Silva
  • Secretary - Vira Tarnavska
  • Treasurer - Jaywon Choi

Join us if you are curious about what the future holds in this exciting area of the law. For event inquiries, membership, or to be added to our newsletter, please contact the FILS at [email protected]