Fordham Law Advocates for Voter Rights


Fordham Law Advocates for Voter Rights (FLAVR) is a nonpartisan organization of law students at Fordham University devoted to protecting and expanding the right to vote. As the next generation of lawyers, we have a responsibility to protect the rights and freedoms of our community – at Fordham, in New York, and around the country. Proud partner of When We All Vote.

Student Board Members

  • CJolie Gentzkow, Class of 2025 – President
  • Benjamin Kaufman, Class of 2025 – Vice President
  • Lindsey Lubowitz, Class of 2025 – Social Media, Marketing and Communications Chair
  • Dani D’Annunzio, Class of 2025 – DEI and Outreach Chair

[email protected]

The Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC) student groups office is located at Room LL-101 of the Law School.