Fordham Law Real Estate Society

Early in your legal education, it is expected that, as a student, you may not fully understand the scope to which real estate law can, and will, affect your legal career. The Society is here to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the unique ways real estate law crosses paths with almost all specialties of law.

When we meet as a student body, learn from industry experts, or hear from alumni who have traveled down this road before us; this invaluable guidance will give you the tools to make informed decisions about your future in the legal profession. So, whether real estate law is in your future, or you would simply like to become more educated on its effect, the Society will help you accomplish your goals.

Fordham alumni are among the most accomplished and dedicated professionals in their fields, and are thrilled to give back to Fordham students who are motivated to grow. We are honored to have Society mentors that include developers, attorneys, and other specialists; they are available to answer questions, meet with students on campus, and provide real world experience to help you become as prepared for your future as you can be. This network effect is reciprocal and relies on you to take charge of your future, succeed, and return to be a mentor to future generations of Fordham Law students.

​Fordham Law's curriculum is incredible and, in an effort to build on this foundation, the Society has created a dynamic learning environment that provides experiential learning. Our partnerships with NYC law firms and development companies allow for special research projects, interaction with current real estate issues, and "boots on the ground" learning that will springboard your understanding of the industry. Working in groups to research, understand, and give solutions to complex, current real estate law problems is a cornerstone of the Society's objectives. We are looking for students that want to gain real world experience and fuel their passion for real estate law.

  • President: Sarah Dieter
  • Vice President: Amanda Bradley
  • Secretary: Isabelle Bukary
  • Treasurer: Talia Rubin
  • DEI Chair: Nicole Drepaul
  • Activities and Outreach: Coby Mayhew and Haejin Kang
  • Marketing: Isabella DeMarco
  • 2L Representatives: Nathalie Schoenfeld, Caroline O'Keefe, and Nina Berkowitz

Contact Information

[email protected]