South Asian Law Students Association


From samosa parties to political discussions, South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA) was formed with the aim to promote an understanding and appreciation of South Asian political, legal, and social issues. It seeks further to promote a greater cultural understanding among all peoples, while providing its members with the academic, professional, and cultural tools they need to be successful students, lawyers, and community members. We provide a forum for the discussion of South Asian activism, minority issues, career pathways, and community outreach and also celebrate the South Asian heritage through dinners and cultural functions.

This group is open to all students and we invite you to join us for our events.

Student Board Members

  • 3L Co-President - Rishika Jikaria
  • 3L Co-President - Nikita Mathur
  • 2L Co-President - Pooja Krishnan
  • 2L Co-President - Shiva Sachdeva
  • Vice President - Veenay Komaragiri
  • Vice President of Marketing - Prachi Patel
  • Treasurer - Jeremy Yohannan
  • Outreach and Alumni Co-Chair - Simran Kashyap
  • Outreach and Alumni Co-Chair - Rahul Sukesh
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Advocacy Chair - Shivani Parikh

[email protected]