Locker Rentals at Lincoln Center

The Office for Student Involvement rents lockers in the Lowenstein building for the fall, spring, and summer session to commuting students.

Locker rental fees are $20.00 for the full academic year and $15.00 for a single semester or summer session. There is a $1 surcharge if you pay online rather than by cash or check in the Office for Student Involvement.

Please read this agreement in full. By applying for a locker, I indicate that I understand that the following are the policies regarding lockers at the Lincoln Center Campus:

  1. I will use a Master Lock to ensure that my belongings are secured. All personal belongings in my locker are my responsibility and Fordham University is not liable for any losses incurred.
  2. I will report any incidence of tampering or an attempted break-in to my locker immediately to Public Safety and the Office for Student Involvement (140 W. 62nd Street, Room G33). I will keep my locker locked with a sturdy functioning lock at all times. I will make sure that both the top and bottom of the locker remain closed at all times.
  3. The interior and exterior of my locker will remain clean; I recognize that if stickers or graffiti are found in/on my locker I will be charged $20 for its removal.
  4. If I lose my combination or if my locker is broken, I will contact the Office for Student Involvement at 212-636-6250 or [email protected] for assistance.
  5. I understand that I am responsible for all aspects of the use of this locker and for all rules and regulations in the Student Handbook. No illegal items and/or items prohibited on Fordham's Campus will be stored in my locker.
  6. All personal belongings must be vacated by the date scheduled for this term. After that date, locks will be removed and contents will be dispersed: library books will be returned to the library, items in good condition will be given to a local charity organization and everything else will be discarded.
    A $20 fee may be charged to your Student Account for failure to remove all of your belongings by the date scheduled for this term.
  7. Lockers cannot be renewed after the spring semester, as we must allow for summer maintenance. Summer locker rental will be on the LL 4th Floor only.
  8. Rental Fees are as follows:
    Academic Year: $20
    Fall Only: $15
    Spring Only: $15
    Summer Only: $15
    There is a $1 surcharge if you pay online rather than by cash or check in the Office for Student Involvement.