Commuter Hangouts

Commuter Student Services (CSS) wants to remind you that there are places on campus where you can go to feel welcome and comfortable.  In addition, for Fall 2020, there are additional LC Study Rooms available to all commuter and resident students.

Student Lounge

The lounge features comfortable seating, a view of the Plaza, and wifi access.  LC undergraduate clubs also use this room for some events in the evenings.

Lowenstein 2nd Floor Lounge

LL Outdoor Plaza

Known as the "Plaza" to Fordham Lincoln Center students, is the hub of campus life. Centrally located between McMahon Hall, Lowenstein Center, 140W, and the Law School, the Plaza is a manicured courtyard with views of the cityscape and Hudson River.

Robert Moses Plaza

140W, Garden Lounge

The lounge features an Argo Tea, wireless Internet access, and plenty of tables for studying. This lounge is located right down the hall from the Office for Student Involvement.

The Garden Level Lounge at 140W 62nd Street

Atrium in the Ram Café

The Atrium in the Ram Café is located in the back of the Ram Café, the atrium is a glass-enclosed space where students can eat their lunch indoors while they enjoy the view of the outdoors. Students use this space to meet with classmates on group projects.

Ram Cafe

Other Resources

In addition to the hangout areas we have academic resources available to commuter students.

Quinn Library

140W Plaza Level

The Quinn Library is where you will find photocopiers, reserved reading and a brand new audio-visual lab, not to mention extensive books for loan and periodical holdings. It is also a quiet spot to study.

Quinn Library at 140W 62nd Street

Fitness Center

McMahon Hall, Second Floor

The fitness center is a great way to spend an hour or two before, between, or after classes. With treadmills, Cybex machines, and other equipment, the use of the fitness center is free for all students, including commuters.

LC Gym

Computer Labs

Lowenstein, Third Floor

Open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., the computer labs are a favorite spot for commuters. The computer center offers both PCs and Macs, a variety of software, and Internet access.

Student on a Computer - Small, Square Crop

Lowenstein, Third-Floor Lounge

The third-floor lounge is a study space with outlets and wireless Internet access for laptops.

Graduate Academic Advising