Anti-Asian Racial Violence Resources

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Jesuit Resources on Racism


Caring for Asian/AAPI People



  • Minor Feelings, by Cathy Park Hong
  • The Making of Asian America, by Erika Lee
  • Yellow Peril!, edited by John Kuo Wei Tchen and Dylan Yeats
  • The Myth of the Model Minority, by Rosalind S. Chou and Joe R. Feagin
  • All You Can Ever Know, by Nicole Chung
  • I Hotel, by Karen Tei Yamashita
  • Native Speaker, by Chang-Rae Lee
  • It Began with a Page, by Kyo Maclear and Julie Morstad
  • This Time Will Be Different, by Misa Sugiura
  • China Men, by Maxine Hong Kingston

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The Atlanta Shooting News Background

Historical Context/Anti-AAPI Racism in the Law

  • Chinese Exclusion Act:
  • Korematsu v. US:
  • US Occupation of the Philippines:
  • Plessy v. Ferguson, Harlan dissent excerpt:
    “There is a race so different from our own that we do not permit those belonging to it to become citizens of the United States. Persons belonging to it are, with few exceptions, absolutely excluded from our country. I allude to the Chinese race. But, by the statute in question, a Chinaman can ride in the same passenger coach with white citizens of the United States, while citizens of the black race in Louisiana, many of whom, perhaps, risked their lives for the preservation of the Union, who are entitled, by law, to participate in the political control of the state and nation, who are not excluded, by law or by reason of their race, from public stations of any kind, and who have all the legal rights that belong to white citizens, are yet declared to be criminals, liable to imprisonment, if they ride in a public coach occupied by citizens of the white race. It is scarcely just to say that a colored citizen should not object to occupying a public coach assigned to his own race. He does not object, nor, perhaps, would he object to separate coaches for his race if his rights under the law were recognized. But he does object, and he ought never to cease objecting, that citizens of the white and black races can be adjudged criminals because they sit, or claim the right to sit, in the same public coach on a public highway.”

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