Teaching Race Across the Curriculum (TRAC) Grant Funding

Call for Proposals

Spring 2021 and AY 2021-2022

Recognizing both the urgency of adopting antiracist teaching practices and the specificity of disiplinary, departmental, and programming contexts, the Office of the Chief Diversity Officer issues this Call for Proposals for Teaching Race Across the Curriculum.

The purpose of the grant is twofold:
1) To support departmental efforts to thoughtfully and intentionally integrate questions of race into their curricula, both core offerings and within a major or minor.
2) To support excellence in the teaching of topics related to race in the curriculum.

As such, we welcome proposals from departments, areas, programs (or subgroups of faculty members therein) that address the integration of relevant topics/questions on race into their courses, as well as anti-racist pedagogies and practices.

This is a grant to encourage institutional transformation: Proposals must emphasize how, if funded, this project will have an impact beyond a single event or a single course: How will this grant transform a core course, major or minor, graduate student training, or professional preparation? TRAC Grants are not primarily for single events, although funding may include speakers or symposia in the service of larger change related to Teaching Race Across the Curriculum.

Any full-time teaching faculty, regardless of rank, may take the lead in a proposal, but all proposals must come from a group of instructors (i.e. more than one person) and must be accompanied by a statement of support from a department chair or program director. We encourage proposals that integrate the experiences and expressed needs/interests of students.

To foster broader institutional change and engagement efforts, all successful grantees will participate in a TRAC Symposium scheduled for the fall of 2022 to share their experiences, insights, and results to date.

In this first call for proposals, for AY2021-22, we are accepting proposals in two tiers: starter grants ($500-$2,500) and full projects ($5,000-$10,000). We are also accepting proposals for AY2020-21 grants on a rolling basis effective immediately ($500-$1500).

Note: We recognize the complexities of planning for the future in the context of COVID-19. It may help you to include contingency planning in light of current uncertainties.

2021 TRAC Grant Awardees

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Tuesday, April 13, 1 p.m.

Wednesday, April 14, 5 p.m.

TRAC Grant Information Session

TRAC AY 2020-21 Grant Applications Deadline: Accepted on a rolling basis.

TRAC Getting Started and Institutional Change Grant deadline: May 1, 2021

Eligible to apply: Groups of faculty; lead author must be a full-time faculty member.

Once your application is ready for submission, please upload and submit via the Qualtrics form.