Additional Registrar Information and Forms

  • In order to change your name, you must submit the below document to the Office of Academic Records. Along with the Name Change request, for security identification protection, you MUST provide two legal original documents as proof that your name has changed. If documents are copies, you must have them notarized prior to sending to Academic Records. Legal documents include, but are not limited to, court orders, birth certificate, social security card, passport, marriage certificate, divorce document, etc.

    In order to protect individuals from identity theft, original documents must be provided. Alternatively, if an individual requesting a Name Change cannot present the original documents in person, Academic Records will accept notarized copies of original legal documents. You may mail the Change of Name request and notarized documents to Fordham University's Enrollment Services Office at any campus, or ask to speak with an Enrollment Services representative in person.

    If you are a Fordham Employee, you must submit your request and documents to Human Resources. For more information, see Human Resources.

    Change of Name Form

  • Non-Law Students and Alumni must complete the Permanent Address Change Form.

    Law Students must complete the Permanent Change of Address Form.

    Note: Used primarily for establishing Official Residency, such as for determining your eligibility for financial aid. It is also used for receiving legal or official documents such as taxes, loans, and financial aid. [Note: a PO Box is not an acceptable Permanent Official Address.]  We require proof of address to be submitted with the request, such as copy of a license, tax form or utility bill (in the custodial parent​/guardian'​s name if student is a dependent)

    Non-Permanent Address Change You may change your non-permanent addresses on under the Student or Alumni tab. Click on Banner Self-Service then select the "Personal Information" folder and "Update Addresses and Phones."

  • This form must be completed by a graduate student who may be registered for insufficient credits to qualify for 1/2, 3/4 or full-time certification (according to its school or programs policy) for purposes of Veteran's Benefits, the New York State Tuition Assistance Program, Federal Loan Certification or Deferment, or any combination.

    Matriculated Student Status Certification Form (PDF)

  • This form must be completed to access and inspect education records.In accordance with FERPA policy, the Office of Academic Records/Registrar will make the education records available to the student within forty-five (45) days of receipt of this written request. The student will be contacted to set up an appointment for viewing the materials.

    Request for Information from University Records form

  • Please review the Undergraduate Internal Transfer Policy on page 1 before completing the Undergraduate Internal Transfer Form.

  • Please review the Undergraduate Readmit Policy on page 1 before completing the Undergraduate Readmit Application Form.