Licensing Form Instructions

How do I submit a licensure form to be completed and sent with my transcript?

Fordham University uses the National Student Clearinghouse to generate and send official student transcripts. If you need a licensure form (i.e. for social work, mental health counseling, etc.), follow the below instructions, which are divided into the steps you follow to submit your transcript request and upload your licensure document(s).

To begin, visit Fordham's transcript ordering page.

Personal Information/Student Identification Information

When submitting your licensure form as part of your transcript request, you are first asked to fill out personal information that is used to locate your academic record.

Once the information requested is filled in, you may continue. If you have a hold on your account that prevents transcript release, you will not be able to submit a request until such hold(s) are resolved and removed.

Contact Information

This section asks for contact information. The National Student Clearinghouse includes an option to receive SMS (text) messages to notify you when your request has been submitted and when the transcript has been sent and (for eTranscripts) retrieved by the recipient.


When entering the recipient, select "Employer or Other." This allows you to type in the name of the licensing body to which the transcript will be issued.

Processing Details

Under "Processing Details," select the following options:

  • "When do you want your transcript processed?": choose "Current Transcript - Process As Is"

  • "What type of transcript do you want?": choose "Undergraduate/Graduate"

  • "Why are you ordering your transcript?": choose "Certification/Licensure"

Delivery Information

Under "How do you want your transcript sent?," choose a delivery method (presently, only "Electronic" is available, but the University will soon offer express and regular mail options).

You must read and agree to the terms and conditions to continue.

Upload Attachment

In this section, you upload the licensure forms that require registrar or school input. Blank forms that require information and a signature filled out by the student will be rejected when reviewed. Ensure that you complete and sign any needed student sections of the form(s).

Recipient Delivery Information

Here, you enter the email address of the licensing body that will receive your completed form and transcript. You are responsible for locating and entering the correct email address.


You then complete the checkout process and give an electronic signature. Submissions of licensure forms are processed within 3 to 5 business days. If you have any questions, please call the Office of Academic Records at (718) 817-3900 or email [email protected]. You will receive an email confirmation when your transcript has been sent (and for eTranscripts, retrieved) by your recipient.


When your recipient receives a PDF eTranscript, the licensure form(s), if approved, will be attached to the document. The licensure forms will not appear in the PDF as additional pages preceding or following your transcript's pages. Rather, the files are attached to the PDF itself. Your recipient must use Adobe Acrobat to open the eTranscript PDF, both to confirm its validity and to view any attachments. Instructions on viewing attachments in Adobe Acrobat can be found on Adobe's website.

School-Specific Information

  • New York State Social Work Licensing Form Submission

    Refer to the Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service website for specific information regarding the licensing process.

    Requirements for Registrar Verification


    • If you are a current graduate, no action is required on your part. The Office of Academic Records will submit the information following the awarding of degrees.

    • If you are a past graduate who is applying to take the NYS LMSW exam, email [email protected] to request that your information be submitted to the NYS Office of Professions.

    LCSW (Form 2)

    • Complete the LCSW Form 2 and upload it as an attachment to your electronic National Student Clearinghouse transcript request using the instructions on this page.

    Out of New York State Licensing Forms

    • Upload such forms as an attachment to your electronic National Student Clearinghouse transcript request using the instructions on this page.