Expense Reimbursements

1. Invoices must be made out to Fordham University, and payment requests must be for an obligation of Fordham University. The documentation must show, at a minimum, the date of the transaction, the name of the party being billed, and an itemized listing of purchases or services rendered.

2. Expenses (travel) incurred by an employee as a direct result of conducting University business are reimbursable. These requests are submitted on a special travel check request form which is filled out and approved by the appropriate budget administrator. All reimbursements must specify the business purposes of the expense.

3. When traveling locally on University Business from your home to a location other than the normally assigned place of work, those transportation expenses that exceed the employees’ usual commutation cost will be reimbursed.

4. Because individuals are not tax exempt when making a purchase for which they will later be reimbursed, such spending should be kept to a minimum so as not to incur unnecessary costs to the University.