Academic Conferences

Setup a Conference

If you are planning to host an academic conference, you need to inform the Office of the Provost. We will manage several important steps in organizing the conference:

  • Securing approval for the conference
  • Setting up financial information for the conference
  • Creating online registration

Send us your conference information

To setup registration and coordinate with the Academic Budgets & Logistics department, please send an email to [email protected].

Please include the following information in the email.

Your information

  • Your name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Name of approving Dean
  • Sponsoring department

Conference information

  • Conference title
  • Conference summary
  • Campus
  • Location
  • Conference dates
  • Registration open and close dates

Information for registration

  • Registration levels and prices (e.g. "Student Registration, $25)
  • Registration variables with any price changes (e.g. "Attending reception, $20)
  • By default, we collect attendee name, address and email. Do you need any other information? (e.g. "Your university?" "Employer?")