Chapter Seven: Changes in Academic Organization

§3-07.01 - Changes in Academic Organization

  1. A change in academic organization which establishes, abolishes, or merges Departments (see §3-08.01) or Schools shall be recommended to the Board of Trustees by the President of the University after appropriate consultation with the faculty, who shall make their own recommendation in the manner described below. In the case of Departments, prior to making such a recommendation, the President shall have received the recommendation for the change from the appropriate Faculty or School Council or have consulted the Council concerning a change which he/she has proposed for consideration. The Faculty Senate shall also be consulted concerning any change in academic organization which establishes, merges, or abolishes an entire school of the University. In all instances the President will transmit to the Trustees the view of the Faculty or School Councils and Faculty Senate together with his/her own recommendations.
  2. Where the faculty is represented by a Faculty or School Council, a vote by the appropriate Council approving the change shall constitute the faculty recommendation providing that a majority of the faculty members of that Council approve the recommendation. The Council may, but is not required to conduct a faculty referendum on the issue, whose results would constitute the faculty recommendation on this matter to the Board of Trustees. If there is no Council, a referendum is required. The faculty of the School or College eligible to vote in such a referendum shall consist of all tenured faculty, and all non-tenured faculty members who have completed two academic years of service at the University and hold the rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor. Any member of the faculty having a terminal notice of contract shall not be eligible to vote.
  3. The Faculty Senate after consultation with the Councils of the Schools involved will make a recommendation on changes in academic organization in which:
    1. the establishment or disestablishment of a School is involved;
    2. more than one School is involved;
    3. the matter is referred to the Senate by the President of the University or by a School Council.