American Studies Frequently Asked Questions

Would you recommend that I do an internship or fellowship?

During the school year and over the summer, many students work in internships and apply for fellowships that deepen their knowledge in their particular areas of interest, and provide valuable contacts for jobs later on. Students have interned in a variety of fields: majors have found positions in politics, law, journalism, theatres, museums, service, and non-profit organizations, to name just a few. In addition, many students apply to and receive major national fellowships including Madison, Truman, and New York Urban Fellowships. As you can see, the American Studies program is extremely flexible and students have many choices for internships, fellowships, and summer employments.

For more information on internships, students should contact the Office of Career Planning and Placement.

For more information on fellowships, students should contact Dr. John Kezel, director of prestigious fellowships, at [email protected].

Can American Studies students study abroad?

Students are encouraged to examine all points of view concerning America, including those by people or peoples who do not live within its borders. Therefore, students who wish to do so are encouraged to study abroad. American Studies students have studied American culture from as far away as the University of Melbourne in Australia, Oxford and Cambridge Universities in England, the University of the City of Dublin in Ireland, and the University of Florence in Italy, to name just a few options.

For more information on studying abroad, students should contact the study abroad office, located at Walsh Library 039.

What sorts of graduate programs are open to American Studies students?

Approximately one-third of American Studies graduates enter the working world immediately after graduation. The remaining two-thirds typically enter some type of graduate program. The American Studies student considering graduate work has a variety of options. For those interested in pursuing a MA in English, History, Political Science, or Sociology, there is the option of Fordham's accelerated MA program. These five-year programs allow graduate work to begin in the senior year, enabling the student to receive the MA with only one additional year of study. These programs are typically by invitation only, so students should contact the proper department hear during the first semester of their junior year.

For those looking to apply to graduate program outside of Fordham, you will need to take entrance exams, such as the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) or LSAT (Law School Admission Test). These tests are typically taken in the summer between junior and senior year, or in the first semester of senior year.

For more information on the GRE, visit For more information on the LSAT, visit