American Studies Major and Minor

How do I become an American Studies major or minor?

To declare an American Studies major or minor, please set up a meeting with the Program Director, Professor Christopher Dietrich.

What types of courses do American Studies majors take?

The American Studies major is a series of ten courses.

Major Requirements Concentration Requirements

This might sound complicated, but it's not! Check out the Major course checklist to see this outlined.

What types of courses do American Studies minors take?

Students minoring in American studies are required to take a series of six courses:

Minor Requirements

What types of professors teach in American Studies?

American Studies professors are drawn from the Arts and Sciences Faculty at Fordham College-Rose Hill and Fordham College-Lincoln Center. American Studies Affiliated Faculty are invited to teach in American Studies based on their research agendas on topics in American Studies and their commitment to our students. You can view a complete list of current faculty and their email addresses.

What types of internships, fellowships, and study abroad opportunities are available for American Studies majors?

American Studies students are often very active beyond their traditional academic program at Fordham. Students are encouraged to examine all points of views concerning America, including those by people or peoples who do not live within its borders. Therefore, students who wish to do so are encouraged to study abroad. American Studies students have studied American culture from as far away as the University of Melbourne in Australia, Oxford and Cambridge Universities in England, the University of the City of Dublin in Ireland, and the University of Florence in Italy, to name just a few options.

Many students decide to intensify their study without leaving the country. During the school year and over the summer, many students work in internships and apply for fellowships that deepen their knowledge in their particular areas of interest. Students have interned in a variety of fields; our talented American Studies majors have found positions in politics, law, journalism, theatres, museums, service, and non-profit organizations, among others.

In addition, many students apply to and receive major national fellowships including Fulbright, Madison, Truman, and New York Urban Fellowships. As you can see, the American Studies program is extremely flexible and student have many choices for internships, fellowships, and travel.

Learn more about extending and deepening your American Studies major with support from Fordham's offices for:

What types of graduate programs do American Studies majors apply to and attend?

Approximately one-third of American Studies graduates go on to graduate programs to specialize in one particular discipline studied in the major. Some common choices include degree programs in American history, American literature, American art, or American philosophy. Many of our students go on to attend law school, or to do advanced studies in public policy. Approximately another third of our graduates decide to go on to earn a degree in law. With its focus on analytical thinking, strong writing skills, and self-direction, an American Studies degree has proven especially beneficial for those planning to apply to law school.

What types of careers do American Studies majors go on to?

One-third of American Studies graduates enter the work world directly after graduation. The rest attend graduate programs before embarking upon their careers. American Studies graduates work in such diverse fields as law, academia, primary and secondary education, non-profit or service organizations, government, business, and many others.